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That Guy Sebi

HCL's Mario (V2)


Hey! It's been... a pretty long while since I've posted here. For awhile I've had a question about one of HCL's updated characters, and I've wondered if anyone actually... has, said character. I know that Sano has it, apparently, (and isn't willing to discuss it per usual), but if anyone has any info on this version of the release, or even a download, it'd be much obliged. I just wanna know when it was made, and any other general information on it. I want it because of the updated sprites, and overall gameplay (HCL'S Mario is kind of clunky but I got used to it. It just seems more appealing over V1.)




If this is not the right section to post this, or I'm not allowed to post stuff like this at all, I'm sorry. I'm just wondering what the deal is.

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