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The White Bird's Stage Thread (Infinity War Times Square released)

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Hey everyone! I'm sorry for my absence from this site.


I've released quite a few stages since my disappearance, and decided to make a mega thread for everything here (like my palette threads). Some of these stages are due for updates, as I want to make 1.1 versions of all my stages from here on out. Also major shout-out to ScepterDPinoy on DeviantArt! He did the art and animations for a number of these stages.


I hope you all enjoy what I have to offer here, and I hope to add more soon!


As always, take a gander!

Infinity War Times Square


Prism Relic


Block Rock Garden


New Donk City


Metallic Madness

Mirage Saloon


Judgement Hall


The Core




Deep Forest (Rain)


The Storm


Stardust Speedway


Enchanted Forest


Mushroom Hill


Sunset Park


Collision Chaos


Isolated Island


Casino Night

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Back with another Sonic-based stage! This time it's one based on Prism Relic from the Sonic Hysteria project by NicoCW, who you might know from me using his music in some of my previous stages. Sonic Hysteria is a concept album inspired by Sonic Mania that Nico is working on, with Prism Relic being one of the original levels. The idea behind it is a level that takes place in the same dimension as the special stages.


Nico had released the art assets from his mock-up image and I couldn't resist Mugenizing them!




Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4nmyk60yzdhni54/PrismRelic.rar


I hope you all enjoy one of the more ambitious stages I've coded!


NicoCW, for creating the art assets, music, and basically the whole concept behind this stage.
Tamez, as I used his floor parallax coding as a reference. RIP Tamez, you still prevail in being a great help for coders like me!
SEGA, as I used assets from Sonic CD and Sonic Mania in this stage.

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Scepter and I return with another stage!


This one's based on the recent Avengers film, and includes some fun little references to other media. This is also gonna be our first 1.1 exclusive stage. I'm sorry to anyone still rolling with 1.0, but with all the details and animations it has, a lack of zoom just does this stage zero justice.




Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qiyqh7ykd5k5w5x/AIWTimesSquare.rar/file


All art assets were done by ScepterDPinoy aka Mark A.


I hope you all enjoy!

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