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Help me ...my new laptop make problem


Help me ...my new laptop make problem

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I usally use laptop to play "mugen Legacy 1.1 by noz"
Use win7  and use External harddisk to save data and game

At first i played in "hp" for2-3year
Don't use good graphic card ram8gb
But it can play well. 
Even take loading time for start 8-10min
Some stages-char when battle  will lag
But last week my mainboard in old laptop is broken 
technician told hard to repair.
So i decied to buy new one. "Lenonov z510"
Have ram 12gbp  good graphic card
I Hope my mugen will run better and can reduce lag-load time
But problem come !!
I extrenal harddisk to open mugen same style like old laptop
When start load time
Sometimes system said 
"can not to find stage/char in select.def "
when i can start game  and test battle
Sometimes system said
Can not load charaters ...or stages
I unzip new legacy mugen 1.1 
And copy -plaste some stages -chars for test run
But it have problem again and again.
What happen? in this case and how to fix this?
Now i feel disappiont in my new laptop
Can i play it form new laptop 
So can you help and answer me ?
I want join mugen community for more longer


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I barelly understood what you said but i grasped the concept of what you wanted to say.

First i would advice you if you talk in japanese,german,spanish,french or other language use it instead of forcing you to use english (english is barelly used since more people use spanish then english in the world) so use your native language.

Now to your problem your laptop has Intel HD chipset so it isnt going to work with mugen since intel chipset are just cheap barelly usable for gaming chips,my advice as always is when buying laptops or desktop the best choice are AMD specially if you use mugen since AMD are great for 2d games excelling at 3d games.

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