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STAFF RANKS AND ROLES                   ◥◣______________________________________ :relax:


Administrators, also called Admins are the highest ranking staff members.  They oversee

all aspects of the forum, and make sure everything is running properly.  They reserve the

right to, but are not generally responsible for managing social conflicts.  Instead they keep

a 1000 mile view from orbit, and manage the forum at the big-picture level.









Global Moderators, also called G-Mods, Global mods, or gmods are the sites peace keepers.

They make sure everything remains civil on the forums, and generally resolve conflicts as fairly
as possible when the need arises.  If things escalate they issue verbal warnings, official warning points, and ultimately bans.  

They also do general upkeep work around the site, like moving, merging, an splitting

misplaced posts and answering basic questions.  When you click that 'Report this Post' button

on an offending post or the 'Report to Staff' button at the bottom of the page, it notifies all

of the sites G-Mods and Admins.



The News Staff are the people behind The Motha Fuckin Fawn, the sites weekly news which
gets is name from the abbreviation M.F.F.A.W.N. for MFFA Weekly News.  These guys have one

of the most time sensitive jobs on the site, cranking out weekly editions, which include both

on and off site material, so they deserve plenty of respect for that.  

They are also Section Moderators on the News forum, meaning they can issue warnings, move

posts or do anything else a G-Mod can do, but just on sub-forums inside the News forum.



The Dojo Grandmasters are the Section Moderators of everything in the Ikemen Mountains,
meaning the Ikemen Dojo, and the Ikemen Forge.  This is where Mugen goes online, and

members are allowed to battle one another with their own creations.  Online Mugen is still

relatively new territory, meaning the Grandmasters are basically pioneering Mugen's future.

They oversee everything Ikemen, from the tutorials you need to get going, right on through

to the tournaments and leaderboards where the finished balanced Ikemen games are played.    




The Collections Curators, also called Curators keep an eye on the Collections forum.

They act as Section Mods there, moving various threads and posts, and updating

collections as members post new links.  They upkeep the thing the site is most
well known for, our collections.


They also periodically move threads from The Docks to their appropriate rooms in the

warehouses.  The warehouses being the stockpiles that people build collections from.




Social Media Experts upkeep MFFA's presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+
Twitch, and Steam.  We don't have a huge presence on these sites, but we do have a

hub on each for our members to find one another on.  These guys upkeep those hubs.

At times they'll promote events on the forum, like Ikemen Tourneys or Live Gaming
events.  Say hi if you see them around the network.


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