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What if MFFA had its own stage? *idea*

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I've had this idea in my head for a few days since my return to MFFA. What if we could build a MFFA themed stage that runs in both 640x480/1280x720 for MUGEN 1.0?


I'm sure everyone is familiar with 'The King Of Fighters XIV' or at least, watched some videos of said game. The one stage I thought would be cool to work as a themed stage for MFFA is the Japan Team (see video here:


-The floor with the logo could read "MFFA"

-The signs that are in green (or whatever color we decide on) that go from one side to the other could read "MUGEN FREE FOR ALL". If we couldn't pull off the side to side movement, the other side could read "Where caring is sharing, Wharehousing at it's best!"

-The other signs could be made of things that we do here at MFFA as creators (Example: Characters, Stages, Palettes, etc.)

-The big screen we could have a 'featured member' thing, assuming we could generate a random picture coding thing for each round (Example: Round 1 on the big screen could say 'FEATURED MEMBER' then flip to a profile picture of one of our members with their username and then Round 2 could have another 'featured member', etc.) (Keep the limit of 'featured members' to 10 to save on stage size)

-The use of lights would look cool as well and possibly different colors for each round.


So, what do you guys think? Maybe we could pull this off and get a team together for brainstorming ideas.


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7 minutes ago, Mister Fael said:

Well, we have the MFFA Station, does that count as this site having its own stage?


Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle... I honestly had no idea we had our own site stage. *RIP*

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You have MFFA HQ and Mugen Free For All Station both made by V-Nix (Both pretty good IMO) 






THO, i do think should be more MFFA themed stages SPECIALY a stadium/Arena since this is a Fighting Game yo.

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