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[ GREEN MONKS ] ~ League Help

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◥█ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ █◤ 




GREEN MONKS       ◣________________ :GreenMonk:





_____________________________________◢◤  How do you sing up? 



________◢◤  SIGN UP PROCESS

You sign up by quoting the signup post and filling it out in the Dojo Registration pagodas.

 Before you do that, you need an account with Evolve, Rankade, and YouTube.

 YouTube and Rankade can both be logged into with a Google+ account, for convenience.



_____________________________________◢◤  How do you use Rankade?  



________◢◤  A MATCH ON RANKADE

▶  A Match is a string of Fights between 2 players, a single Fight being 2-3 rounds.
▶  A Match can go on for any number of fights, but it's limited to a single video. 

▶  A Match is between 2 players only, and on 1 Ikemen game only, for the rankings sake.

▶  None of the games in the Mugen Mayhem pagoda can be counted on a scorecard.

▶  First go to the courtyard and click Add Match under the leaderboard.
▶  On the dojo's Rankade members page, click the ' + '  button to Insert a New Match. 

     Step 1 ~ Preparing the Scorecard

▶  You'll get a popup window titled "Step 1: Match Data".  
▶  Leave the number of Factions set at 2.  This determines how many players there are.  

▶  Select you're game on the dropdown under "Select already played game", and hit next.

▶  Avoid 'Add new game', as matches added under new game titles will be removed.  
▶  Now for "Step 2: Faction 1 (1/2)".  Just click on whoever is player 1 and hit next.

▶  On to "Step 2: Faction 2 (2/2)".  Click on whoever is player 2 and hit next.  All set.   
▶  Aaand now your scorecard is ready for your match, so you can keep score as you play.

     Step 2 ~ Playing the Match  
▶  Now is where you get your Ikemens connected, and begin recording or streaming. 

▶  As you play, add 1 point for a player on the scorecard each time they win a Fight.

     Step 3 ~ Uploading the Match
▶  When you're done recording the match you'll need to add the video to the scorecard.

▶  First upload the match video to your YouTube channel, using the following format for the title:

Hyper Dragon Ball Z ~ MemberOne vs MemberTwo  (Score 7 to 9)

Part 1 ~ The first part, where it says "Hyper Dragon Ball Z" should be the name of

               the Ikemen game you're playing.
Part 2 ~ "MemberOne" and "MemberTwo" should be the players MFFA names
, not

               their Evolve, YouTube or Rankade names.

Part 3 ~  The "(Score 7 to 9)" part at the end, is the final score at the end of the

               match.  ( Score P1 to P2 ).

▶  Once you have it uploaded, copy the link. 
▶  Paste the link in the 'Match notes' field on the scorecard. It will auto-embed there.

▶  Please keep in mind, matches without video proof on the card may be removed by staff.

     Step 4 ~ Finishing Up 

▶  Make sure the box next to 'Share match after saving' is checked.  This allows viewing.

▶  Hit save and you're all set.  Match added, Leaderboard updated.

▶  If this seems complicated at first, don't worry.  It's easy once you get the hang of it.



_____________________________________◢◤  League Stream Key please!  




 Please don't give this out, or use it for anything other than it's intended purpose.

 The key will change periodically, so if your stream doesn't work check here for updates.



 Copy Key  >  Open Broadcaster  >  Settings  >  Stream  >  Stream Key  >  Paste Key






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