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Sprite Comic Book Covers

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Sprite Comic Book Covers

Hey all,


I'm a longtime comic book fan, and all the DC and Marvel characters available for MUGEN have inspired me to come up with sprite comic book covers, just for the fun of it.  Unfortunately, I don't have the talent for making my own sprites (although I have done some practice with making my own palettes), but a lot of folks have so far been okay with my using their work, which I very much appreciate.

These were my first, more of an audition than anything else:






Then I started getting a bit more ambitious.








Daredevil%20514.png (I may want to redo this one now that we have a better Daredevil)



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These next few were more experimental, as well as opportunities to showcase particular characters and titles that I like, even if they weren't anything special:






Also, as a huge Golden Age fan, I couldn't resist these...





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This is when, if I may be so bold. I think I really started hitting my stride and tried pushing my limits.  The Batman and Wonder Woman covers in this batch remain two of my favorites that I've done so far.













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I know I already did a Daredevil cover, but after the recent release of Arkady's DD, I couldn't resist, this time going for a Silver Age feel.




More Golden Age goodness.




For this one, I wanted to try something a bit more artistic, just as a change of pace.



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These next few were a chance to play with palette swaps to expand the number of supervillains I had available for heroes to take on, even though they're pretty obvious swaps.




Here's another Flash cover - I've done a Barry Allen cover, and technically a cover from Jay Garrick's Golden Age series, even if I featured Hawkman instead.  Now it's Wally West's turn!  (Also, I couldn't resist making Multiple Man into a "modern" Mirror Master.)




This isn't one of my better ones, but I was experimenting with trying to make the covers look a bit more dynamic.




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I finally decided it was time for an X-Men cover!  Unfortunately, it looks like they're fighting each other instead of getting ready to face off the villain, but that's the limit of working with sprites.




Once again, I'm going back to the Golden Age for these next two!  First up, one of my favorite Golden Age characters: Captain Marvel!




Next up, another Batman cover!  I tried actually getting The Joker into this one, but I think it works better without him.




I'd been wanting to do a Spawn cover for a while, and here it is!  Not entirely happy with how it came out, though.




This one was a lot of fun to do, especially trying to go for Stan Lee-style cover blurbs from the Silver Age!  Another of my favorites.



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Just because I'm a fan of the characters:






I was testing out big action scenes, and while it came out okay, I'm not entirely happy with it (and I think I used the wrong character for a Blackfire palette swap - Scarlet Witch might have worked better.)




I mostly did this one to show of some palettes I came up with of Iron Patriot as the Crimson Dynamo and Jason Todd as Batroc.  (I couldn't actually get the mustache into the palette - I just drew them onto the sprite.




Goresickness requested a Captain Marvel vs. Black Adam cover for one of his projects, and I'm posting both versions I came up with here.  The first is a Golden Age style cover, while the second is based on Cap's Power of Shazam series from the 1990s.  (I thought about adding text to the second one, but I think it works better without it.)






More villain palette swapping:





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After a LONG hiatus, I finally got back into the game, putting more care into accurately mimicking the cover styles of certain comic eras, as well as choosing sprites, backgrounds, and layouts more effectively.







Taking a trip back to the Golden Age and riding the recent Solomon Grundy gravy train!




As much as I really hate redoing old covers, feeling like I'm covering up past mistakes, this is one I really wanted to redo -the very first sprite cover I ever made and posted.  (See the top of the thread for the original.)




Last for now, here's one of my favorite DC heroes getting his own cover at last!



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I recently got onto an X-Men kick somehow, and these were the results:








A bit anti-climactic after those three, but as a huge Golden Age fan, I'd been wanting to do this one since forever.  Also, it gave me some...practice for things to come...




This was a thank you to Spector for making a Captain Nazi palette for Superman Beyond (and another chance to work with a favorite character of mine, as well as some techniques to "age" the cover a bit)




More to come!

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Here's one hero long overdue some respect (and I finally found a use of this background!)


I'd love to have an original costume Aquaman to play with (I know of two different in-progress versions out there...), but in the meantime, this was fun to do.




And at long last, I finally figured out how to get this cover right!  (I think this is the only one that doesn't show a member of the title hero's rogues gallery, not including the Crow cover.)



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I'm back, after taking a break to do a different sprite project (which I may or may not post here).  I don't know if these are my best, but I didn't want to lose my touch, and I wanted to feature some characters I haven't used yet.







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Three new covers!  Golden Age DC...




Bronze Age Marvel...




And, as a special treat to thank you guys for all the encouragement, and because of how well my last crossover cover went...



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