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Mugen Free For All

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dojo is confusing as hell

i don't get it at all lol


can we play online directly on the site?

or do we have to download ikemen and do the capture ourselves ?

what that evolved thing I just don't get it


please help xD

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Ok to connect online you need Evolve. Evolve is the software (called a lan bridge) that lets you connect to people online. You can connect to the parties here there is also a video explaining Evolve.


To do ranked you have to sign up here by adding the information there. Then can record your set while playing or record it after (I suggest the second one.) then upload it to youtube. Then you add you matches to the leaderboard here.


Make sure to include the youtube video in match notes. Also you can only add matches AFTER you get on the signup board. Hope that helps. 




P.S. You can only play ranked games that are in the balanced full games section here.



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