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Welcome to MFFA!!!





     If you're new to the site, take a look at the Guidelines section for help getting started.  There, you can learn how to set up your profile and get familiar with our rules and regulations.  If you have questions about the forum, visit Member Support any time to ask questions and get help from other forum members  Or visit Staff HQ if you require help from staff.

     If you're new to the Mugen community, you might want to check out the Travel Station as well.  It will link you to all the major sites around community.  You can post a link to your own site there as well is you wish.  You can also view our Social Network on the top navigation bar if you'd like to find us on Discord, Evolve, Google+, and Youtube.

     In the meantime please make yourself at home and enjoy all the free content!  And if you ever have any ideas for things we could do to make the site better, please drop by Staff HQ and let us know!  Cheers

~ MFFA Staff



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