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Mugen Free For All

The Roleplay Paradise Part 2 : Revenge Of Role Play!

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Some of the slashes hit Tommy, cutting his clothes (with a few major cuts on his arms, too), but Tommy was still standing.


Tommy: Let's see if you can handle this!


Tommy threw two fireballs at the man, hoping for at least one of them to hit him.



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The mysterious person then rises behind Tommy and puts his two daggers at his throat.

latest?cb=20141218101832The name is Seth.  And know this, you gonna have to try harder than that to actually hit me.

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Tommy's face went pale as he realized that he had let his guard down.


Tommy: Oh... so... I... didn't win...


Tommy: But that doesn't mean I won't surrender, er, Seth...! I've never given up a fight before!


Tommy attempted to elbow Seth.

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Seth points at Fiona

latest?cb=20141218101856 You really don't know what she really is.  With such power that she probably doesn't even know about, she can kill faster than I can.

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Burning Kalos City: Iblis' Resting Ground


After a little flight, Magio reached Iblis, who was in its first form. Compared to the rest of Kalos, the point where the flame monster stood was a fiery volcano and its scorched ground, flowing with lava, seemed to expand.



Magio: So... this is Iblis...


Iblis: Arrrrgh... aarrrgh...


Magio: (It seems dormant right now. But even without creating destruction, its presence is enough to do this. I think I should head back now...)


However, just when Magio began to head back, the ground and buildings began to shake wildly.


BGM: Iblis Phase 1 (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)




Its loud roar echoed among the streets and the flames grew higher and higher until the vivid red of the flames was the only thing covering the city. The heat consumed the entire atmosphere.



Magio: Whoa! This is bad! I have to fall back now!


But problems began to appear once more. He was ready to leave, when a sword was pointed at his face out of a sudden.



Magio; What the...?!

???: So, you are the warrior in white, brother to the Ultimate Overlord Necrox...


Magio: W-Who are you?!



One Who Searches Eternal Strength

Wicked Warrior Shura


Shura: I am Shura, warrior of the Netherworld. White Knight, I challenge you to a battle.


Magio: I don't have the time for this!! If I don't warn the others, Iblis will-


Shura tried to slash Magio with his halberd, but the knight grazed the fast attack and backed off. Iblis roared once again.


Shura: Little do I care about that giant monster of stone. Now, let us begin!


Magio was surrounded. He had no chance to escape from either fights. Alone, he would never be able to defeat any of them. Plus, Shura seemed determined to not let him pass at any absolute cost. Then, Argento appeared.



Argento: Magio!! (No, I was too late!!)


Magio: Argento, hurry and warn the others!! Tell them to come here!!


Argento: Worry less about the rest and more about yourself!! I am not going!!


Magio: Tch... then help me with Iblis!! Leave this guy to me!!


Argento nodded and flew towards Iblis. He pointed his Keyblade towards it and started to shoot dark projectiles at it with his Dark Volley Shotlock. As for Magio, he looked into Shura, who was ready.


Shura: With that out of the way...!!


Magio: Where did we left off?!


Vulcanic Kalos: Streets


BGM: Iblis plays here too


The loud roar was heard by the rest. Soon, the flames started to get closer and closer.



Victoria: What the actual heck?!


Maribel: The flames... they are covering everything!


Renko: Aaaah!! I don't wanna die burned!!


Agni: That roar... was that Iblis?!

Kiravel: Master, everyone! I can feel an immense power coming from the north. I can also feel Magio, Argento and another being alongside that said power!


Agni: Crap, they must be in danger!! Kiravel, full speed ahead!!

Kiravel: As you command!!


Kiravel flew the fastest he could towards the north. The awakening of Iblis meant the destruction of whatever remained of Kalos.



Anna: We must hurry up too, Victoria!!


Victoria: You don't have to remind me! Asterius!!


Victoria ordered and Asterius barged towards Iblis' location. Anna went alongside her.

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edbe8a312bbe5eed942ee0f491de75a6-dai1wqu"Why is it getting hot all of sudden? Wait, fires?"

The unknown person jumps out of the trashbin he was hiding in. He notices a giant, flaming silhouette from a distance and hears a loud, powerful roar from Iblis.

oie_transparent_by_duckmann18-dal66os.pn"Hmm... this should be interesting..."

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(Kyo continues walking down the flaming street when a insanely huge roar comes from deeper into the city

XU3ovyj.png-What the hell was that? it was so loud it hurt my eardrums and why did it suddenly get hotter?

(Kyo then turns his attention to the giant flaming monstrosity in the distance)

w0Wtz7e.png-so I take it that's the thing that burned this city down well then i'll show him the flame of the Kusanagi

(it was at that moment that some of Iblis' worms started spawning out of the ground)

yeqfGS0.png-looks like I have some exterminating to do

(Kyo charges his flames then unleashes the Ura 111 Shiki : Ama no Murakumo to take them down)

UI1Evsp.png-heh even though you guys like it hot you couldn't handle the heat of my flames

(kyo continues to chase after the monster in a accelerated pace)


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Fiona was attempting to comprehend everything that had just occurred between Tommy and the male who called himself Seth. "Special"? "Kill faster than I can"? "Night Blade"? The last thing she wanted to do was kill anyone, and the only thing that she could think of that could make her special was her exceptional cooking ability...and possibly her sword...unless there was something else she had no idea she was even capable of. She continued to ponder the thought from the safety of Ultraman's shoulder...until she heard the roar and saw the fires.



Fiona: Oh my goodness, this is looking very bad! If we do not put out these flames, then the entirety of the city shall be consumed by them! But that roar...and that being...that must be Iblis, no doubt! What are we to do?!


Fiona considered trying her hand at being a leader, but since she wasn't really the best leader, let alone good at anything other than cooking, she decided against it and only hoped for someone to take the lead.

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(Kyo continues running then suddenly stops and looks around he could feel someone's presence it wasn't the worms it was far stronger than that)

KasPvU2.png-Okay how about we cut the hide and seek crap come on out I know you are there!!!

(then from out the rubble of a collapsed building a silhouette of a woman with wings fly's down toward the ground where kyo is standing

8gULrLS.png-my my I thought I could hide and watch for at least a little while longer I guess you must have really good instincts

(Kyo starred at the woman with a confused look)

jk8crm9.png-"well she obviously isn't human and why is she so cheerful we are in a burning city this is too weird I better not let my guard down regardless if she is a potential ally or enemy"



OHLqqeh.png-what's wrong? you found me now what huh? you know that that I look closer you look kinda cute I bet your one of those Rebellious types aren't you? 


 KasPvU2.png-hey I'm gonna be asking the questions here lady just who and  what the hell are you? and what are you doing here? lastly do you have anything to do with that giant monster?


(the lady answers with a seductive smile)

vIUtJVR.png-well my name is Morrigan Aensland I am a Succubus I came to this city to see this monster with my own two eyes of course the other fighters looked interesting a lot of colourful characters those bunch are and I can assure you that I have nothing to do with that monstrosity


(kyo had to take a minute to take in all the info he just received he actually didn't think she would tell him all that)

SCTXCx6.png-hmm a Succubus huh? aren't those a type of Demon? although I really shouldn't be surprised honestly I was fighting giant lava worms just a couple of minutes ago and you mentioned other fighters? where are they?


 ajSQQPz.png-they are a bit scattered across the city but some of them are in a group if you wouldn't have stopped to confront me you would have ran straight into them you silly boy do you even have a plan? do you seriously think you could stop that thing all by yourself?


(Kyo then realised that he didn't even have a plan he just ran towards the monster head on he would have gotten killed if he went by himself)

KasPvU2.png-well as a matter of fact I don't have a plan but that doesn't mean I'm gonna let that asshole destroy more cities and potentially kill more people so if you don't wanna get in my way move or i'll cremate you


(Morrigan moves to the side while Kyo starts sprinting in the direction of the monster leaving Morrigan behind)

ajSQQPz.png-gosh he is a stubborn boy but they do say the stubborn ones are the most fun maybe I should spectate him more

(Morrigan licked her lips then flew away in the direction of Kyo eager to see what his next course of action is)

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