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5 Characters you would love to see in Super Smash Bros 4

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other then this topic.. if any body wants to speculate what the next roster would be i did made a topic for it:


Now my five characters would be {explanations copied from the topic linked above} :

1. Waluigi (At this point their is no excuse for him to be in the roster in mind opinion. he was an assist trophy in Brawl and SSB4, plus Wario needs a partner in this game like in the Party/sport games)

2. Linkle (Ever since she was announced she cause quite the buzz on the net plus making her a new addition to the LoZ roster)

3. Virdi ( she appeared in Pit's Guidance intro's and also has a Mii costume, so her being a character in the next roster is very possible)

4. Bandanna waddle Dee ( another character that was considered in the Ballot, plus appear in recent Kirby games a great addition to the roster)

5. Shantae ( she very demanding in the ballot and well known to alot gamers. however if by chance she becomes more popular world wide she definitely has a spot in the next roster :-) )

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