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Regarding download links from a certain Mugen warehouse

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2 hours ago, Ricepigeon said:

Although this has nothing to do with why WE blacklisted links to Mugen Archive, it's worth noting that MFG also blacklisted Archive links for not only the same reasons we did, but also for ethical and moral reasons, namely, the fact that they're making monetary profit off of other people's works and then refusing to take down any creations that the creator specifically requested to have taken down; Not only does this violate many accepted community ethics, but could also potentially run afoul of copyright laws. Case in point: they have Dragon Claw hosted there of all things, an original, copyrighted character that Reu himself sold merchandise of before his untimely passing.


Again, that's not the reason why MFFA blacklisted Mugen Archive, but I feel it's still something worth mentioning.

The part I boldened is exactly the main problem I pointed out in my aforementioned rant. A substantial issue that was simply impossible to ignore.

Actually y'know what, I really want put that rant's link here now for y'all to see: http://mugen.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:113457


If it's too off-topic, too distracting from the main point or even a link I'm not allowed to insert, just let me know... but I just wanted to share my real thoughts without having to majorly repeat myself.

And holy hell, I didn't even KNOW about the Dragon Claw thing... wow, now I hate that site even MORE now! Never thought that was possible, but ok...

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I have an idea. For collections that use Mugen Archive links if nothing else has the item, just add something like "Warning: Mugen Archive Link. Go at your own leisure". That's what SuperTeletubbies is doing with his Cuphead collection.

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