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Mugen Free For All
Kaguto Shin Sabaki

Kaguto's Mugen Palettes 2016

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Howdy ladies and gents! Been a looong time since I was last here but I am back!

I'm very excited to be back and I have my first set of palettes ready for you guys.




Clean EB, Dark, Evil, Kaioken, Shin, God, Zombie (This one's for you Brock!), Pivot

Extreme Budoten Son Goku by boryema

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kl49am0t2oifj6a/EB+Goku+Palettes.zip

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Hulk & Oni Palettes, Dark Samus, White Ichigo

Cvs Samus by chuchoryu

Ichigo by StormEX, Tao-si, DopeFiend5 and Edward Elric





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Oh you guys are gonna love this one!

So, I took sometime out of my day and decided to do a palette fix for boryema's Bardock.

(Patched Def. File will be provided with palettes in the link below.)




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15 hours ago, Dragon Sam said:

Good to see you return back. It's been so long you absent.

Hey man! Yeah it's been a really long time and a lot of unneeded things have gone down but I am back this time I'm gonna stay back and I am gonna be working on a lot of new palettes and finally get around to doing color separations so look forward to it!

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Been awhile since I've done palette sets but as always it's made with love.



Joker & Manga Palette sets 

Morrigan by Li_Kun&DivineWolf

C.Viper by chuchoryu

Majin Vegeta Z2 by Balthazar, Cybaster & XGargoyle

Akuma_SZ by Phantom.of.the.Server, Ryon, SolidZone 26 & Demonicdan3

Ryu & Ken by Phantom.of.the.Server&Jmorphman-edit-Infinite

Renamon by Tsunamidusher

Squall by SeanAltly


Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/j0u5chpx0r47nmu/Manga_%26_Joker_Sets.zip

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On 2/28/2016 at 11:29 PM, Lord Batros said:

Dude , u have gotten soooo much better, good to see u back at it man 

Good to be back Brock and thank you I guess time away and that want to do this again made me more focused on smoothing out and matching colors and it'll only get better from here!

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Completed palette request by DarkWolf13-MvC2




A Full Custom palette set for both Mvc2 Morrigan and Jones Tsunamidusher by DarkWolf13-MvC2 (Jones originally by Tsunamidusher)

Links: http://www.mediafire.com/download/br6ezim9p95c96g/Tsunamidusher+Palettes.zip


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45 minutes ago, Dragon Sam said:

That beautiful man! Love it. Cell look dope!

Thanks man I think I'm gonna make this a set like my old Pandora's rage palettes and the others like the master of the fist and kfm ones.

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