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Music/Songs Mashup Thread

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I had released my Pokemon Route 209 Mashup and I think I'll post this thread for those who likes Mashups of songs.This is where you can share song mashups from different places like Youtube or Facebook and plus if you want to create mashups you can download Audacity down below. Just post a video or a file .mp3, .wav, etc  on Mediafire or Dropbox if you want people to download it. Leave suggestions on how to improve this thread.


Audacity: http://audacityteam.org/download/

Mirror: http://sourceforge.net/projects/audacity/

Route 209 Mashup: http://mugenfreeforall.com/index.php?/topic/26887-pokemon-route-209-mashup/#comment-272994

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Route 12 Mashups Updated with all season combinations 


Spring and Summer



Spring and Winter



Autumn and Winter



Autumn and Summer



And Finally the one by 2071Johnny  which is Spring and Autumn to Winter and Summer


Download Mega Pack for all songs



Let me know which is your favorite out of all of them


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Here is my newest and best attempt to mashup Route 225 Day and Night and Route 228 Day and Night and warning they are very weird


Route 228 Mashup Day and Night



Route 225 Mashup Day and Night


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MLP Mashups by  h06zaman (DayDream Shimmer)  

These are just MLP mashups with other songs and I'm here to show my favorites here

Only Human vs I'm just a Pony


Specticle vs Applause



Boom Clap vs Acadeca


What Makes you beautiful vs Helping Twilight win The Crown

What is More out There vs Let it Go

Unpitched: https://eqbeats.org/track/9416

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