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15 hours ago, Glisp said:

Kat o Nine tails is from DKC 2 not from 3 btw. (unless he appears in 3 which I don't think he does due to the drastic difference of enemies)


6 hours ago, Ink Renegade W' said:

Lanky and Chunky in the Jungle Climber section are custom sprited.


Skulpter34 also made a JC DK.

Fixed and added everything.

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36 minutes ago, NPCapricorn2018 said:

I think Ghostly Grove from Donkey Kong Country 2 would make a great M.U.G.E.N. Stage.

That used to exist according to a google search. But the website it's on is no longer around. I also checked MA and it's not on there ether. However there is a Haunted Halls stage by Jamesx15 on there. Want me to fetch it for you?

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