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Kart Fighter

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NOTE: This collection only includes characters from Kart Fighter, a bootleg for the NES.
Green = Accurate/Mostly Accurate

Purple = Semi-Accurate

Blue = Custom

Red = Offline/Missing



Mariport_zpsj4nv9ts8.png  photo Luigiport_zpsn6qcct7m.png  Peachport_zps0it0lac0.png  Kinopioport_zpsazmehduq.png

MARI/MARIO: Exclamation_Question NESMario / Tanicfan22 / Pizzasause DJHANNIBALROYCE and [email protected] (Bootleg Mario arrangement) 

LUIGI: Exclamation_Question / Pizzasause Mario11766

PEACH: Exclamation_Question / Rapthemonkey / Pizzasause Big Eli King (Edited)

KINOPIO/TOAD: Exclamation_Question NS / Pizzasause Random Ninja (Edited + MVC) / YochiThMaster333 (Edited)


Yossyport_zpsdtxuhtl6.png  Koopaport_zpsj9kjk1yl.png  Nokonokoport_zpssklasfwt.png  Donkeyport_zps5moj7vzm.png

 YOSSY/YOSHI:  Exclamation_Question /  .\  /. /  Tylorthehedgehog Rolento (joke + cheap) Pizzasause / Koopakingdom.com DRACUL

KOOPA/BOWSER:  Exclamation_Question / jhfer (Edited) / Pizzasause Unknown Creator / Koopakingdom.com

NOKONOKO/KOOPA TROOPA:  Exclamation_Question / [email protected] Pizzasause Legato (Edited)

DONKEY/DONKEY KONG JR.: Exclamation_Question NS / DRACUL



photo Dkport_zps9jydsa6g.png  X045EoV_zpsn82jxxj3.png  BVPb3nL_zpsjmh4bpmm.png  cDDIESH_zpsehv1hdbv.png  Negapeachport_zpstjiuhaxq.png

DONKEY KONG: Exclamation_Question

DAISY: YochiThMaster333

ROSALINA: Endercreeper9999

PINK GOLD PEACH: YochiThMaster333

NEGA PEACH: Big Eli King (cheap)


XLw8oXq.png  XgwEpn8.png  dlKpftH.png

EVIL PEACH:  Pizzasause

EVIL TOAD: Pizzasause




Stages by Cenobite53

Stages by Kung Fu Man

Mari and Luigi Stage by EXShadow

Sprite Rips by KingPepe


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I know about Daisy and Rosalina, but I just need pictures of them that are similar to the ones I have in my collection.

And according to one of andersonkenya1's videos,  the Yoshies you described are different.

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