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Silly little Hokuto no Ken filler character creator

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Ever wanted to be buddies with Amiba or Mr. Heart from Fist of the North Star/Hokuto no Ken?

Well, now you can, with this: http://en.shindanmaker.com/323367

With this thing, you can create your own Hokuto no Ken filler character.

Just enter a name, and then you get to know, in which alligiance you are, who voices you, what fighting style you has, and of course who kills you (if you get killed by Kenshiro, then you can consider yourself lucky).

So...happy You-are-already-deading!

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Mine is

Spade: Kiba/Ikuya Sawaki/Taizan/Zenda

Cory Baxter: KING/Yuko Mita/claw/nobody

Lord Arktivus Brevon: Asura/Koji Yada/sickle/Rei

Mallcop69Dong aka: DUANE_DANCE: Snakes/Koji Yada/unknown/Dante

And the best for last

Mugen Free For All: KING/Banjo Ginga/sickle/nobody

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