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Mugen Free For All

A Legit place to sell your games to people and get credit

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this site is awesome I sold a few games already and am at 100 dollars credit the way it works is like this.
all you have to do is pay for the 3.49 shipping and the rest is taken care of. you can also of course buy from others with said credit. If any of you have games you want to sell but not get crap prices from gamestop go here! also please use this link if you decide to it helps me out.
the games listed are based on of course people listing try it out and tell your friends and etc. Also if you sign up with my link and trade a game out let me know so I can thank you :).
I debated where to post this but since its about videogames it seemed fitting to be here.

Note: This service is only available in the US.

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what exactly kind of screenshot do you want here? the credit's get put into your account to buy from others with those credits no cash is involved aside from the $3.49 shipping.

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