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Street Fighter 5 announced

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Awesome! :-)


so at long last Alex make a comeback in the series. Personally I think Capcom should had him in SF4U before SF5 was considered, but we all know how that went...


looking at the vid he seems to be more the same way like SF3 though he seemed to gotten alittle slower but guessing he might be packing more of a punch in this one.. :-P


[Edit post]
Some leak has revealed of more alternate costumes for the game:



Man! Laura is really the looker for this SF i see :-)


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Well this pass weekend Capcom finally updated the game for the story mode. Of course someone will upload that play through on YT (Until it might get taking down) but it shows alot of easter eggs that might come to play in future DLC.


so here is the Story mode: {Warning!: this contains huge spoilers! Look at you own risk}









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1 minute ago, Dan Hibiki said:

Oh hey! Aprile is another poisoner! SF5 could use another DoT-oriented character, you know... :OhYeah:

Yep! I also glad all the other Shadowloo dolls are getting more in except Juni ( If anyone want to know more about there background )

Its possible that some of them might be come future DLC.



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