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Reminder regarding posting in News and Release threads (YOU MUST READ BEFORE POSTING) Updated 11/11/15

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Due to recent events and after discussion amongst the staff, the have been revised a bit regarding derailing threads and going off topic.


This message is to serve as a reminder to all that requesting any M.U.G.E.N content outside of the Request Station, other than the character in the news/release thread in question, is considered going off-topic and, thus, a violation of this rule. In addition to this, this is also quite disrespectful to the thread creator. Warnings WILL be issued should such posts continue to arise.


Just to illustrate to get the point across, asking for author of the Ken that appears in a screenshot of a release thread about someone's Ryu will not be tolerated.

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This is a reminder that when posting in the news and releases sections on MFFA, do not say things like "I would point x out but I know y won't fix them." or just badmouthing the author of the character in general. If you fail to comprehend and/or comply, warnings will be given.

That is all, have a nice day.

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In light of recent events on other Mugen forums, we want to stress the following rule;

Important: Refrain yourself from linking to ad referral sites (such as adf.ly). MUGEN and all its content are meant to be free, and any attempts to monetize them are prohibited.

This includes linking to sites that require you to visit an ad referral site in order to download a character, including your own personal site. Offending links will be removed on sight, and a verbal warning issued via PM. Repeat offenses will result in further disciplinary action up to, and including, a ban.


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