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And here i ask thee What anime should i watch next?

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Welp. Heres what i watched and my opinion on it: -Higurashi ni naku koro ni(An amazing anime,it goes from the question "Is someone from my class a killer" to "Is everyone in my class a fuckin sadistic psycho") -Naruto(After the Zabuza saga it just gets boooooooring,so i dropped it) -Aoi Sekai no Chuushin De(An anime about a war between Sega and Nintendo,with the main character being a parody of Sonic.Also Super Marios soldiers killed Tails,and Link is an idiot with his tongue hanging out all of the time and wears a tri-force around his neck) -Dangan Ronpa:The animation (First 3 episodes were just pure awesomeness,4th and 5th dissapointed me though) -DBZ(Do i even need to comment this?) -King of Fighters:Another Day(An episode with Billy Kane and he didnt say Hey!Hey!Hey! ?What the hell!?Anyway,K's episode was awesome because Maxima is the man) -Peace Maker Kurogane(Meh,its not bad,but im losing interest in it slowly) -Dragon Ball x Toriko X One Piece(I like how they made every character except the main 3 completely useless) -Durarara!!(SHIZUO IS NOT DEAD!PRAISE THE GODS!I fucking adore this one) -Highschool of the Dead("Pure Mindless fun" ass gigguk described it.Tits that dodge bullets made it so damn cool in my book) -Street Fighter 4(This is a fighting anime right?Then why the hell do they talk 99.99% of the time!?) -Sengoku Basara(Really liked this anime.Maybe its because i like the game so much?) -Yugioh!(My childhood) -Yugioh!GX(My teenhood) -Yugioh!5DS(My dick.Yea,it sucked) -Yugioh Zexal(Excuse me while i hit that wall over there with my head) -Kiss x Sis(I want someone to teach me English like that too :/ ) -Freezing(Should have called it sleeping,cause thats what i was doing 90% of the time) -Lucky Star(Lets talk about how we eat food for the whole damn episode.Dear god) -Princess Mononoke the Movie (I was 5 when i first saw this and cutting off someones hands with a cursed hand and a bow and arrow while hiding the head of a demonic goat from its now gigantic black evil body was awesome as fuck....Also Kiba from Naruto was based on her i believe) -Soul Eater(FOOL!It should be renamed to Excalibur,cause he is the most awesome character XD) I do believe there were like 2-3 more but i forgot em What anime would you suggest me to watch?Please do not suggest One Piece or Bleach,cause i really dont feel like watching those.  

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-K Project

-K-On!! (for the cuties)

-Clannad (You gonna cry, I bet.)

-Angel Beats. (You gonna cry in this one too.)

-Accel World (Kuroyukihime!)

-Ai Yori Aoshi (Kinda boring.)

-Btooom! (My all time favorites)

-Choujigen Game Neptune - The Animation (It's still Ongoing. Nice anime.)

-Da Capo III (For the Hentai needs.)

-Date A LIve (More Hentai.)

-Fairy Tail (You haven't watched it?!)

-Little Busters! (Comedy. LOL)

-Shakugan no Shana [All seasons] (Just Awesome. It's the best anime I've ever watched.)

-Sword Art Online (You haven't watched it too?!)

-Zatch Bell ( :troll: )

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Welp,finished watching Death Note.Started yesterday,finished like 2 secs ago,Awesome.Althought it was sad when L died. Started: -Shaman King -Tsukihime -May start Angel Beats or Little Busters Thanks for the suggestions,ill look into those too

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You can check out these:

(Old school)

- Lupin the Third

- Evangelion

- Fist of the North Star* (both anime movies and series)

- Ranma 1/2 (funny as hell.)

- Guyver

- Project A-ko ( all movie series)

- Nadia :The secrets of blue water

- Yu-YU Hakusho

- Rurouni Kenshin


(present era)

- Azu-manga Daioh

- Inuyasha

- Rozen Maiden (including the new series which already started)

- Bleach

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Ikki Tousen was the worst shit i ever watched.......Siriously. Its just bad...The only reason you would wanna watch it is to see tits and panty shots every 10 seconds. Didnt know Fatal Fury had an anime,will check it out

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I'd recommend some old school anime:


Beast King Golion*

Cyborg 009 (1960's)

Gegege No Kitaro (1980's)

Mobile Suit Gundam

SeiJuushi Bismarck*

Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross




*And please don't watch the English Dub!



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Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny

the first 3 seasons of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (the original, A's, and Strikers, the 4th season ViVid is terrible)

ViVid Strike!

Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Gurren Lagann

HeartCatch Precure

Love Live! School Idol Project

Kill la Kill

Shakugan no Shana

Gundam 00

and a bunch of others

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