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Mugen Free For All
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Mister Fael

Fael-Chan soundtrack Mix Thread

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Hi-YO! More mixes this month!

I officially love PXZ2 even more for giving me a remix of Opening Stage Zero from X4, so MIX!!!

Same for Intro Stage X3, it's a bomb of nostalgia for me. Read the full story in the description of the video. (Oh, and a thing that i didn't mention there, i had to use the SNES version, as the PSX version was way slower.)

MA-ZIN-GER!!! *insert epic solo here*

Alice...I mean, Reiji Arisu's theme

And lastly, Brave New World


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Hoo boy! Been quite a while...Time to post the stuff that accumulated.












And the ones done today.







Whew...that's all.


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