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Found 175 results

  1. Another Pre - To release, meant to post this a month ago but kinda forgot about it Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/72k49eta84m5d2n/Regisseur.zip?dl=1
  2. Ai made By Vorse Raidier Note to Self: I am 150% done listening to the words Psycho Ball!!! Other than that, this is an excellent AI edition balanced for Ai combat to human combat. Will work in 1.1 should work in 1.0 WILL NOT WORK in Mugen beta https://www.dropbox.com/s/vhh29o1n0z5zee2/DivineAthena.zip?dl=0
  3. Dormammu by Gladiacloud, Delusiontrim & Shinzankuro Ai by Vorse_Raidier https://www.dropbox.com/s/xvzt03baotjsocx/dormammu.zip?dl=0
  4. Lilith By DivineWolf Ai made by Vorse_Raidier https://www.dropbox.com/s/v03lwxlhjtyizwn/DivineLilith.zip?dl=0
  5. Morrigan By DivineWolf Ai made By Vorse_Raidier https://www.dropbox.com/s/3xxb6jxrvxwn4nk/DivineMorrigan.zip?dl=0
  6. Basically the same Vegeta by the Z team plus the transformation into super saiyan and Super saiyan 2 magin His transformation into super saiyan gives him more defense and attack but getting into magin mode changes most of his moves as well as buffing him Didn't changed much as I think this character is already so great. Just follow the link below https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/19VJN4qU_xJZLbbjGwStmSLuv1_C2ZKua
  7. Here Comes the New Challenger! Super MaisieMac He's a pretty little plumber from the capital city... Inspired by Siguel's Mario and Luigi Edits Download Him: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8a7d31yrew6ezyr/SuperMaisieMac.rar
  8. Kung Fu Man becomes a giant and he's ready to stomp on everyone! ? Well, probably not an original concept (I guess somebody else has thought or done this before), but it was fun to make it in some hours. It's still a beta and it needs to be fixed (I'd like to make him not vulnerable to target state... ) This character is an edit of the classic KFM: 5 times bigger, 5 times stronger, 5 times slower, 5 times ... dumber. DEMO VIDEO:https://youtu.be/HgXWSSLChvM Check it out (GAMES section) : http://emanuelepepi.altervista.org
  9. Kaioken Goku by mh team http://www.mediafire.com/file/n0fxsbc9v8wm05s/Goku+kaokin+dbz.rar
  10. INFO I decide to do some small edits on characters for being closer to the called POTS Style. Don't expect huge changes on them, it's not a big deal at all, doing this just for fix issues, for did some changes, like in the hit sounds for example. And for fun too. But i hope you guys enjoy it and any help is very welcome. P.S.: I won't take requests this time, sorry. EDITS (click in the spoiler for download link and details) RAINBOW MIKA KARIN KANZUKI MORRIGAN AENSLAND LILITH AENSLAND DONOVAN BAINE *NEW* LUCY FERNANDEZ
  11. In Just in time After Incredibles 2 is out, the New edit of aperson98's Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl Edit is Released for Mugen. It's Showtime! Download Link for Mr. Incredible Here Download Link for Elastigirl Here
  12. As much I have tried Pizzasauce's English soundpack of Marge. Apparently, it uses her voice clips from Beanfan112. As I can think of a plan, I decide to make the English voicepack of Marge very comparable to Pizzasauce. Feel free to use the English voicepack if you tried Warner's version of Marge If you need me, I would be currently working on Ed, updating Courage and make a better English voicepack for Leela. UPDATED (11/06/2018): Do hate to steal someone's thunder but, I have edit some of a few basic flaws from old_gus's English voicepack for Leela. If anyone uses Leela, feel free to use my edit English voicepack for Warner's Leela.
  13. GENOS JUS | Char Review + DESCARGA [MEDIA=youtube]id=lw5W-zTH8F0;t=2[/MEDIA] Genos por BlackJudai (mugen) ➥ DESCARGA:<Mod edit: Blacklisted URL removed> ➥ MI CANAL: Kevdress - Mugen y Random - YouTube
  14. Street WTFighter After 7 days of insane lulz... here is the official first release of *drum rolls* STREEEET WHATTHEFIGHTER!!! Inspired by the most weird unofficial version of Street Fighter 2 : Kouryu Edition, here is something even worse than the worse thing you ever experienced in character making, that breaks any rule of composition and tests the patience of the most virtuous and picky developer/player! This game feautures: - 13 characters, revised, overpowered, cheap and totally out-of-mind versions of classic Street Fighter 2 characters - 13 stages, with weird music, weird stuff and destabilizing graphics which will cause amnesia to the player - distorted music, politically uncorrectness, gross things and anything else that will test your patience and provoke your hate (lol, just kidding, but because of the dislikes, this has been appearently part of the trend, lol) - buggy characters, proudly spamming gameplay, flashing palettes, abudant graphic effects Someone would say this game can be enjoyed only with the use of drugs, but this game will SAVE you from the use of drugs, because its effects are worse than LSD (and I've honestly never tried it, while making this game in a totally sober state of mind). STREET WTFIGHTER! THE WORST WARRIOR! DOWNLOAD IT FROM : http://emanuelepepi.altervista.org/#logopixgallery Well, I had fun making this, now time to share the whole fun and start working (you know, I'm supposed to have a job) WARNING: use of this game is discouraged to people suffering of epylepsis, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hyper-criticism, pickiness, moralism and asthma.
  15. Ha-ha, yes, it is I, Grover! I Presented and Released a New Better Edit of Lasher's Grover (Still Buggy). DOWNLOAD THAT BLUE MONSTER HERE!
  16. Behold, The Newest Edit of The14thDoctor's Homer Simpson and Giant Chicken was Released for the Fight! Mmmm... Chicken... Download Homer Download Giant Chicken
  17. [Screenshot] [Download] https://the-phoney-express.neocities.org/ [Comment] An edit of .GIF/Mr. T's Mr. Game & Watch that mostly changes him to be in a psuedo-MvC style, balances him out, and adds a couple of new moves. See changelog below for complete details. 06/22/2018 UPDATE: - Removed Judge, as admittedly, I found it useless. If you're worried about the 9, don't worry! It still exists in the moveset, as part of the Down for the Count Hyper. - Added new Hyper, "Octopus". - Made some moves less/more safe. - Added more combo ability. - Lowered air juggle points. - Removed hitbox from FIRE. - Removed old damage dampener and replaced it with RicePigeon's version. - Multiple Chef changes: - Added more cooldown. - Light version now sends out only 2 pieces. - The food now travel in more of an arc. - Buffed damage to Chef and Headbutt. - Added superjump opponent locator that was previously unused. - Tweaked the A.I. a bit. - Changed some hitflags. - Increased damage of Oil Panic. - Down for the Count is now unguardable. - Made it so the crowd doesn't gasp as often if Mr. Game & Watch recovers. - Made it so that the guard sound actually plays on some moves if guarded. - Added sound for when he's dizzied. - Changed in-game name. :P - Some other changes I can't remember... 06/22/2018 UPDATE 2: - Fixed a few bugs in Octopus that I oversighted. - The HitBy should now work properly. - Mr. Game & Watch now doesn't go below the ground when transforming back from a jump. - Ambience has been made a 6-second sound that plays once instead of a 1-second looping sound (the old way of playing it had a problem where it would play weirdly upon landing from a jump.) - Added the "powerful projectiles fill the bucket up more easily" mechanic to Oil Panic. - Fixed the bug where you would get stuck in mid-air if you happened to be hit during FIRE. Enjoy!
  18. Hey Dudes, the edit of aperson98's Taz is Ready to Spin and Released for Mugen of the Fight! Also, the New and Better Edit of Stickman14's Bloo had been Released to Re-Join the Mugen Fighters! Download Taz, Our Favorite Looney Tunes Character Download Bloo, Our Favorite Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Character
  19. YABBA DABBA DOO! The New Edit for aperson98's Fred Flinstone Edit is Released for Mugen. And also, the Edit of Madoldcrow1105's Broccalon is Released for Mugen Too. DOWNLOAD FOR FRED DOWNLOAD FOR BROCCALON
  20. Move it Foolball Head! The New Edit of Arnold is Released Now! DOWNLOAD HERE!
  21. Introducing, the new edit of The 14th Doctor's Madoldcrow1105's Spongebob Squarepants! Now it's time to Bring it Around Town! RIGHT HERE! Original: https://gamebanana.com/skins/152598
  22. Joseph Joestar Hi guys, here an edit that I made from creations of various people. Is Joseph Joestar in his animated version with the great voice of Tomokazu Sugita. CREDITS: Char by Nimame New SFF and Palettes by JohnVyttalRay Sounds by the guy who has the nickname "asdfghjklzxcvbnm" (little edit by Iver) Portrait by Iver (me :p) Images: "Niceu niceu, very niceu Caesar-chan" "NIGERUNDAYO!!!" "Cracker Volley!" "Tsugi ni omae wa Yare Yare Daze, to iu" DOWNLOAD https://mega.nz/#!P0RSwZLC!5-RcKkvjEPnAO_mq1lFw7n03ctTlSaD9i_QA3K0fy8A
  23. I release and edit The 14th Doctor's aperson98's Peter Griffin, This is going to be my greatest victory ever! RIGHT HERE! Original: https://gamebanana.com/skins/150504
  24. The stage concept start with a suggestion of AVPboy6754. The idea is to recreate a scenario based on the 1987 Predator movie. The stage brings superjump, animation, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option files. Thanks to AVPboy for the original BGM. VIDEO DOWNLOAD
  25. Mr. Game and Watch Edit (Originally by Nodog) This is my second Mr. Game and Watch edit, the first one was from Gif Mr. T's version, but now I made a version which is an edit of Nodog's Mr. Game and Watch. I actually released this quite a while ago, but I decided to post this here if someone wants to download it. This edit adds more comboing, move changes, and an Octopus move. Download: https://sites.google.com/site/tbamugen/chars/edits/mr-game-and-watch---new-version Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiQZkvk7dKE Movelist: