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  1. What about the custom-sprited Linda Lash? And ELECTRO is making an MvC Burnov.
  2. That’s so funny! Maybe add Diabetes Cammy? Or maybe the rest of the post-CPS1 characters?
  3. Any more Caillou characters, the Breadwinners, Awful BeBad, Action Henk, anything from The Emoji Movie, Minions...
  4. Lita Luwanda = Every striker of Kof, and many other npcs from that series have been made, so why not her? She seems like an awesome character, with a sword, knife, and of course, strikers. Perhaps stuff based on African Fighting arts and Cammy’s movepool? Genuinely good Minecraft Steve = We need something to celebrate the game’s impact. More Shantae characters Sly Cooper A genuinely good Patrick Star It (aka Pennywise) Gaston
  5. I think Ariel and Ookla would be nice as characters themselves, with Thundarr not having strikers (strikers are overdone these days, especially among younger users). And at least one of them could be a charge character.
  6. ELECTRO’s M. Bison has been released. He will also make Ken and Balrog. And I think the “F. Bison” mentioned here is just a re-named Kaiser Vega SSF2 Plus. Does anyone have a screenshot or video so I can confirm? EDIT: No, F. Bison was made by taka, and is separate from Kaiser Vega.
  7. He’d make a hilarious addition, especially if done in HD to mirror the show’s style. I could see his gameplay based on E. Honda’s, especially with the hundred-hand slap in mind. In addition to the Proton Pill, maybe he could use his jet as a Hyper?
  8. Thank you so much Basara-Kun! Also added a bunch more characters as well.
  9. Sure thing. But I did try to make this collection as complete as I could.
  10. I think I could add his older characters here: Mr. Bean: Mr. Bean by Wlan I couldn't find any of the other characters, such as Luke Skywalker.
  11. Here are those missing MASA characters: Zangief Guile Sagat Shotoborg
  12. Thank you for finding all those Calamix characters. They have thus been added.
  13. I've updated the topic to add in Maurico E's Elec Man and OnslaughtX's Guts Man.