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  1. Yeah that will suck You ask me Square Enix fell, well they lost me as a fan
  2. I have a very weak immune system..and im sick..I've been sick for quite a few days..and cause my immune system sucks its hard to get better lol

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    2. Dark Spirit

      Dark Spirit

      I never get sick.I have a two year record since the last time I got something.And before that it was 8 years.

    3. SandCoffeee


      That must suck, hope u feel better soon!

    4. Dark Storm

      Dark Storm

      I heal rather quickly when im sick.Hope your the same way.

  3. I remember when capcom used to be really good
  4. i dont get the point of this topic.... i use female avatars cause im a female. but alot of guys use them too, to represent their fav anime characters o-o no big deal.
  5. Aww.. thanks :) Nice picture btw ^-^