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  1. Stretchy Yoga Boi and not the Toyota that was expected... Enjoy.
  2. I have A Date with Rosy Chunners and get Cammy doing them loops... Enjoy.
  3. Hey, I fight that guy and put send the inmate black into the slammer... Enjoy.
  4. Today feature's a Vega that clings to invisible walls and did that Dudley just Cross Counter my grab?
  5. Today's showings include Mika curb stomping Guile and a Nash fight... Enjoy.
  6. What a Hado Disappointment.... Enjoy.
  7. Today consists of a Black Koakuma, a out of touch Eliza, and the start of a long awaited marathon... Enjoy.
  8. Yukina is now a werewolf hunter... Enjoy.
  9. It's always sunny with Yukina... Enjoy.
  10. I don't have a clever joke this time... Enjoy.
  11. Today's escapades involves a midget wrestler, Palmtop Darkness, and the debut of Green Cyclops... Enjoy.
  12. What a bunch of mercenaries... Enjoy.
  13. Poor Kyo. He now thinks he's Leon... Enjoy.