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  1. Comic Con happened here in San Antonio awhile back and got some stuff. I spent over $1000, on artwork for my house more than anything. Got to meet Stan Lee and other celbs. One of which was the new Punisher, Jon Bernthal.: Of the artwork I got, this one made me chuckle, so I had to buy it. I like Arthur Suydam's Zombie art, got lots of his stuff. I wanna commission him for some zombie anime characters.
  2. Altered Beast (Yeah I know of the PS2 sequel. Don't you even dare....) Power Stone F-Zero Snatcher (on PSN and XBox live Sega CD port at fucking least) Guardian Heroes (Online bitch. Im throwing money at my screen and nothing is happening.)
  3. Fucking Cellulitis.  Fuck infections.  Can barely hold anything.  Thank God for joysticks.

    1. Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      I'm sorry about that shit, man. All the love in the world to u bro

    2. Doomguy


      Damn. Sorry about the Cellulitis, but at least it's treatable.

  4. Man, I'm cursed.  After I got treated for my injuries for my last update, I had to go back to the ER, and now I've got an infection.  Its a god damn gang bang of bad luck.

  5. I'm from Texas too. I actually use guns for my line of work. I also have a license to carry a handgun concealed or for the open carry at the beginning of next year. My current favorite personal gun is my concealed carry gun, a Sig Sauer P938 Equinox. Have it with night sights and a laser sight on the trigger guard. My favorite SciFi gun would have to be the Classic Robocop gun. Not that shitty remake one.
  6. Good job bringing Mio to life here. Didn't see this till now. Hoping you do the rest of the cast, Id like to see Ritsu.
  7. Someone must have put  curse on me.  And if I find out who I'm gonna beat their ass hard and unending.  Hurt my hands at work.  First a god damn car accident now an altercation at work fucked up my hands. 

    1. Galvatron


      Damn! man! you had it rough this year. I hope every thing goes well for you the rest of this year and next year.

    2. GuyZero32k4


      Thanks dude.  The car accident screwed up two vertebrates in my neck right below my skull.  Can't work out or karate because of it since May.  Now at work got into it with a crazy person, getting my hands hurt.  Can work a mouse, but I can only play fighting games right now on a joystick, but can't do complicated combos or moves.  Can't hold a controller right or draw either.

    3. Big Fella

      Big Fella

      Damn, man... That sounds like if you had a very rough day there. 

      I hope you heal sometime during this year or the next.

  8. Got Godzilla on PS4 the day it came out.  I was excited.  What I expected:  Destroy all Monsters Melee PS4 style.  What I got:  One of the worst Godzilla abominations of anything since the 1998 Sony movie.   Yeah I know the 1998 movie doesn't count.  I'm illustrating how big of a shit it is.

  9. Attack on Titan fan fiction. If you've never seen it...:
  10. When I was doing endings, I wanted to see team ups of meetings of characters that otherwise more than likely would never happen. I'd Photoshop what I wanted to see, to tell the story I thought up, and I was still learning as I went. I'd learned a great deal as time went on. I wanted to have the most fun and draw my endings myself, so then i could honestly say my intros and /or endings. Then delays, one after another. Offers to make money for art for anime conventions, being commissioned for an art piece, new boss at work hearing of what I do having me do work related stuff. And most recently being in a car accident set me back. Some people asked if I was done. HELL NO. I thought "great on while I'm out of work can I finish the endings (yes multiple) I've been working on?" Well, my laptop got AIDS and some of the work was lost. Fortunately I did have a chunk saved on home PC. Just for shits and giggles, I'd like to show everyone of the process of making just one scene with the new methods I'm using now, I had to dig and find a scene that doesn't give anything away. The next ending was going to be savage Hulk. So keep in mind that while working on that I also had Duke Nukem and Batman Beyond I've been doing. So, here's a scene from Savage hulk's ending from sketch to almost final. A rough sketch, John Byrne and Dale Keown are my biggest influences on how I draw the Hulk. Inking, and not happy on shadows due to planned scene in my mind. Outside in the desert. Fixed up and make sure he looks pissed. . Color through any means. Seriously. Gonna get touched up.... Fixed with Photoshop and added the background. Didn't add the word balloon or text yet, so not give away what's going on. Just wanted to show everyone I'm not done. Not by a long shot. I just want to be sure I put out a good product.