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    games and anime nearly all fighting games i also like Skyrim and Fallout l like anime like Dragonball z,One Piece,Cowboy Bebop,Trigun,Samurai Deeper Kyo,Yu Yu Hakusho,Hakuto no Ken and many others

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  1. Hey guys I'm not dead....yet lol anyway I'm in the process of building a new PC instead of getting a laptop this time round the PC seems powerful enough.... Can't wait to run those ram heavy screenpacks lol

  2. So I have been having....technical difficulties with my laptop it literally committed suppuku or some shit lmao I just hope they can extract my stuff..I am not losing NY Legacy Mugen I REFUSE 

    1. Darkflare


      Your reminder to make it a habit to back up your stuff.

    2. Infinite Kyo

      Infinite Kyo

      Yeah basically lol 

  3. Whoever thought of mixing streets of rage and 2pac is a fucking genius lmao
  4. So like the internet has transformed planet earth into a little anime girl called Earth-chan.....not gonna lie the memes are wholesome as fuck 

    1. Pluscross


      That sounds fairly commonplace though. For sure better than Steamed Hams and GET OUT OF MY CAR by default.

    2. Ricepigeon


      Is it coincidence that she happens to be flat? :P

  5. So Beerus, Goku Black and Hit are coming to Dragonball FighterZ.......i was hoping for Hit so im happy as fuck right now it seems like Black will play differently from normal goku thank god 



    1. Infinite Kyo
    2. Darkflare


      The time has come and so have I.

    3. Private Mucho

      Private Mucho

      So... The obliteration of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur somehow brought Sophitia back to life?


      How are they gonna explain this to those who came for the story, not for the same old people that debated in past chapters?

  7. -It was great man the pancakes were awesome Kiryu agrees too haha Kiryu pays attention to what Darkflare said and started thinking -It seems the owner has a plan im curious to hear what it is As am i maybe things will get interesting finally Kyo turns back to Lightflare -Dude you got any idea what he's planning? @LightFlare_Da_Realest
  8. Kyo and Morrigan walked into the lobby where people were gathering. Kyo strolled over to Kiryu who was leaning against the wall seemingly thinking about something. -Yo man so this is where you were! so did you like the pancakes? -yeah they were great, very tasty....where is Morrigan? Morrigan appears behind Kyo seemingly out of nowhere -Right here! hehe so Kyo i meant to ask you who was that person you were talking to back there? -Oh that was Lightflare i've known him for a while...dude is strong. one of the best fighters i've seen -Oh really........how interesting.... as Morrigan gave a mischievous grin. and the trio sat down on a couch and continued their conversation.
  9. -The Knights of the Forsaken huh...sounds rough. this whole city has an uneasy feeling to it not like my home at all........I wonder if anyone else i know got teleported here......although im sure if Iori got teleported here he will hunt me down eventually hehe. so whats the gameplan now? As Kyo converses with Light Kiryu finishes his breakfast -oi Morigan tell kyo im just gonna head off to the lobby now no point in staying here once ive eaten -Alright i'll do that Morrigan takes another sip from her cup of coffee while Kiryu walks out of the caffeteria