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  1. ;----------------------------------------------------------- [Combo] team1.pos = 18,200 ;Coords to show team1.start.x = -150 ;Starting x-coords team1.counter.font = 7,0,1 team1.counter.shake = 1 ;Set to 1 to shake count on hit team1.text.text = H ;You can use %i to show count in the text, eg "%i Hit!" team1.text.font = 7,0,1 team1.text.offset = 3,0 ;Offset of text team1.displaytime = 90 ;Time to show text team2.pos = 619,200 ;Coords to show team2.start.x = 790 ;Starting x-coords team2.counter.font = 7,0,-1 team2.counter.shake = 1 ;Set to 1 to shake count on hit team2.text.text = H ;You can use %i to show count in the text, eg "%i Hit!" team2.text.font = 7,0,-1 team2.text.offset = 3,0 ;Offset of text team2.displaytime = 90 ;Time to show text ;----------------------------------------------------------- Here's what ive got in a screen pack i dont want to give up on. they gave me this in the fight.def under data. [combo] It does not display the combo number on screen. I've tried changed the 'H' To different things such as "%i Combo!" and still nothing. Is there an easy fix? im relatively new to mugen. please help! If i could just paste in a whole new combo counter i would be very happy! Also, i apologize if im using the forum in an incorrect manner, i'm not entirely sure on the policies either.
  2. I have a screen pack I'm very happy with. But unfortunately it did not come with a combo counter. So, if I'm in training mode i have no idea if my moves are actually combo'ing or if I just cant figure out how to get out. This is incredibly frustrating and I REALLY don't want to find a different screen pack. Can anyone help me on how to add a combo counter (and hopefully a % damage counter??) to my screen pack? Please and thank you!!!