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  1. Update!! -Now works on 1.0 -Adjusted bounds on both versions. -link updated Be sure to re-download. Even if you were using on 1.1.
  2. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Namek [COMMENT] So...looks like I'm still learning. I put together this stage with the intent of being playable on all versions of mugen only to realize it works on 1.1 ONLY...ugh. Looks like parallax sprites don't support transparency. Unless I gotta use some round about method. Anyway...the stage works great on 1.1. It has superjump, animations, zoom, parallax and looped bgm. I included the 1.0 version in hopes that someone will help out a bit. If not, enjoy the working version. I'll keep trying...
  3. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] OYAJIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! [COMMENT] Sup yall?! Back in mix with something special. My hommie OG(OldGamer) just step out the game for a bit. I asked him if I could redo a few of his stages. He gave me the green light so here we are. I chooped up his Dojo for Dan and put my own spin on it. It has animations, zoom, parallax, scale delta and looped bgm. Cuz of the scale delta BOTH VERSIONS ARE 1.1 ONLY. If you wanna cool alternate to OG's classic version, click that link.
  4. LightFlare hops back as Hyde's blade narrowly misses. Meanwhile back in the training facilities... Learning anything pretty boy? @Agni Blackheart The young lady playfully taps Lucent on his left shoulder and quickly moves behind his back to his right side. She approaches Lilith... Lilith right? I noticed that you LightFlare seemed to react to each other...as if you've met before. That coupled with your similar fighting styles, it made me a bit curious. Do you guys know each other? @Darkflare
  5. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Dat Cyber Ish [COMMENT] I'm back on my Cyberpunk jizz, bruh. Comes wit superjump, zoom parallax and looped bgm. Click dat link.
  6. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] I know he mad...but why his WHOLE BODY gotta turn red tho?! [COMMENT] What up my mens and womeeens! Me and Omega put together another bangah! The New Bay Area after Kenny Omega Cody Travers became mayor...perhaps. It's got superjump, zoom, animations and looped bgm by The Master...Wizzy. I used a unconventional localcoord. 160x120. So it's lower than low res. Lol! But, it matches the size of the characters much better. So cop this and show Metro City wutz good!
  7. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] sNOW sTUFF Wuttup! Got a new original stage for ya. Comes with zoom, superjump, looped bgm and animations. Tbo, I'd like some feedback on how to make the 1.0 version better. It's a bit too dark and the fog tile isn't perfect. (1.0 sucks at tile imo) It's cool tho. Cop it anyway and enjoy.
  8. Hydes quick thinking pays off and LightFlare is struck during his attack sending LightFlare to the ground. What a move! Hyde is NOT going down without a fight! The score is now 2 to 1 in favor of LightFlare! But the fight is far from over! The crowd explodes into cheers as the momentum shifts in favor of Hyde. LightFlare flips back to his feet... (Well done...) LightFlare slightly grins and nods his head at Hyde, silently congratulating Hyde on his move. He begins to slowly advance toward Hyde, circling Hyde as he closes the distance between them. 1 min 25 sec! Were almost at the halfway mark! Meanwhile back in the training room, a few of the fighters have paused their sessions to take note of the fight. (Well...looks like "pretty boy" is learning on the fly. Heh. Can't wait to tease Light about this one.)
  9. Welcome to neighborhood. You skills are welcome edtion to our forum.