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  1. I m updating old chars and making new chars about this old project. include screenpack, new chars and stage. around may to june finish and upload. I had stop the project for about 4 to 5 years so will speed up finish them. thanks all. new update I want to delete snk mode, the dizzy and mx power bar spr. also delete the movelist and I will put the movelist jpg in the characters folder
  2. MAKING SCREENPACK, VICTORY SCREEN, HOW TO CHANGE POSTITION OF WORDINGS hi all. I m making screenpack, when victory screen, I found that the word cannot show in the right postion. who to change it. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/27401789438/in/dateposted-public/ Can see the photo? (the linking) now the wording is inside the green box. I want to put the words inside pink box area. how to do? thanks about the >>>>>> winquote.window = 18,171, 301,228 dont know the meaning. I guess the answer is these word. [Victory Screen] enabled = 1 enabled = 1 time = 600 ;Time to show screen fadein.time = 10 fadeout.time = 20 ;Winner's portrait and name p1.offset = 0,50 p1.spr = 9000,2 p1.facing = 1 p1.scale = 1,1 ;p1.window = 0,0, 319,160 p1.name.offset = 270,270 p1.name.font = 9,0,1 p1.name.layerno = 2 ;Win quote text winquote.text = "Winner!" ;Default win quote text to show winquote.offset = 270,220 ;320 winquote.font = 5,0,1 winquote.window = 18,171, 301,228 winquote.textwrap = w ;Word wrap ;winquote.textwrap = pt
  3. I m running this project again and now finished ken, zangief, dhalsim. (these 3 chars are working on october 2017 to march 2018) and will make guile and gpuki and finish the characters part of this project. (total 48 characters) other characters will update something. ( cancel MP+MK unguardable attack, cancel throw escape) and add some EX on the cvs or Zero characters. add some target move. I think around june of 2018 will update them all again. and the parts of AI. sorry I m tried to do it. but myAI writing skill no good. thanks
  4. OH! THANKS RODKNEE to setup this topic. I m updateing the characters of SFMX and I think, around may of 2018 will finished all characters I want. now only miss guile and gouki. 2017 DEC finish zangief, ken and dhalsim and ryu. but no upload before.
  5. Ryoucchi, very sorry I had stop the project for many years... I think RYU is the last chars. of this project. anyone who like this cn made the others but I think too many creators had made them such as guile, dhalsim ,ken,gouki..... I forgot the mugen code and how to make them as all....^_^..... but I have a dream, I want to make my own game, original design characters, the sprites and all of code. but I think it is a day dream...
  6. have new update RYU_MX but no upload. can help me upload? I can send the files to your mail
  7. thanksZombieBrock to make a correction for DL. some chars. have new update. so see the forum in MC U can know which is update. (have a date in the title!) I will make update for all I had uploaded characters. add AI and EX and some system...