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  1. https://mega.nz/#!48gSFCbA!RAo67VRurn26h6xkTH5kWlWdDDHjvVt7nv3tHF6stlQ here's Bowsette by Cobee. as you would probably expect its not good. its based off a really old bowser character
  2. I updated him. ============================================================== ;random fixes and minor things (11/04/2018) ============================================================== - Fixed stupid oversight where you could perform some hypers in midair - Fixed bug where Broodwich hyper background wouldn't fit the screen - The enemy now properly goes into a custom state on Broodwich contact, also fixing the bug with teammates hitting the enemy out of the move in the process. - Fixed the bug where Shake would be insanely high in the air (and making the camera scroll) if he happened to jump while the Broodwich deployed - Made Hand Banana assist have actual cooldown instead of having Shake just stand there - Made crouching light kick go slightly farther - Changed and added a few sounds - Changed some animations to make them flow smoother - Added a new palette - Other things i forgot Check the OP for the link.
  3. Galmyer Corps - https://onedrive.live.com/?id=FD04CC7D5E4628DD!107&cid=FD04CC7D5E4628DD Mr Shihan - https://onedrive.live.com/?id=73491EC4B1649370!102&cid=73491EC4B1649370
  4. https://mega.nz/#!dp4XTDyS!tKArxzWV3Q5HVtp63Pjz5R6Qjxn53seWK000tY874dM Here's (normal) Matt.
  5. Please note that he is currently a beta. As such, not all of his moves are in (see below for more details). [Previews] [Download] https://mega.nz/#!ot5jnIqD!YA3-mSTGhwJeuedc30rPo_eHCRTiNvoYdJgYyuH4tIM [Comment] Ever since I had the original Master Shake by tannergates (which was THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO), I always thought it needed a rehaul. Lots of his moves felt too slow and awkward. However, I did not have enough skill or knowledge to start editing him. Until recently, that is. Lots of coding has been rehauled -- in fact, I'm not sure if you could even call him an edit at this point since so many pieces of code have been rewrote. CHANGELOG BELOW: Currently has: - 8 basic attacks (all standing basics, 3/4 crouching basics, and 1/4 aerial basics) - 2 specials (plus Handbanana assist) - 3 hypers Known bugs: - Startup of Snake hyper looks slightly weird on a few stages (like Caddie's conversion of Duck King's stage from Fatal Fury Special) - Screenbound doesn't want to work properly on Broodwich hyper for whatever reason If there's any more errors, bugs, and such that I don't know about, just let me know and it'll be fixed. Probably.
  6. The only things you changed were the palette (in which you literally just made Mario tanner, have white hair, and have green overalls), and the sounds (which are way too quiet). You also modified the intro against other Marios so it doesn't involve Wario appearing. Again, these are all that's changed. Fun.
  7. Disregard what I said way earlier about clashing sparks. I actually don't mind those now. Just as long as the sparks look clean enough. Anyways, onto some more things I don't like that much: - Characters who bash other characters/creators in intros/winposes/attacks/etc. I will make some exceptions, but whenever someone does this, I usually find myself groaning. That, and it's been done way too many times before for something new to actually be done with it besides "X character kills (character I don't like)." - Dodges that I cannot throw the other character out of (usually happens when the creator doesn't know about HitBy and just puts no hurtboxes at all on the dodge animation) - Hard-to-pull-off commands (720s, pretzels, etc.): This is more due to me playing on a keyboard than anything else, but the only grappler I can really play as on a keyboard is Clark because a lot of his commands are simple half-circles.
  8. Might as well make another post in here requesting for the very first version of Spongebob by Madoldcrow1105. Originally, he had a hyper where he transformed into a fairy instead of the Goofy Goober wizard, and an intro where Wooldoor Sockbat from Drawn Together morphed into him. He can be seen here: Do note that I have a version dating to 3/29/2012 (which is also kinda different from the current version of SpongeBob), and the current version of him, dating to 4/7/12.
  9. The old, old Parappa (the one that constantly disappears and doesn't have any Specials or Hypers) is actually made by a fellow named "Wakewakame", according to one of the 4 readmes I got in my download of him. He's heavily based off a Wolverine from the same year he was released (2000), to the point that some references to Wolverine are left unchanged. Edit: since I didn't want to double-post, here's a Sackboy I found by a "Brandon" which implements some of his moves from Playstation All Stars Battle Royale and seems to be a beta of sorts, seeing as the author acknowledges it has bugs and it's listed as "v0.1" in the readme. He's kind of glitchy, doesn't have all of his normals, and deals too much damage; despite all this, this is probably the best version we'll see of him for now. https://mega.nz/#!cw5BjJDZ!rDET9YWJFSA1aKBGmgIjax4Y42WZGT5OVapv5GM6-MI
  10. Happy 18th Birthday to Waluigi



    1. Flare-Gamer-64


      I approve of this status update.

      Image result for waluigi thumb up

    2. Oliver As Latias

      Oliver As Latias

      But that still doesn't mean he gets a chance to be completely playable on Smash Ultimate. Still, be positive on your birthday, Waluigi.

  11. A lot of OldGamer's screenpacks have this nice, retro feel to them. Since he's made quite a few, I can't really recommend anything in particular, so you should just take a look at what's he made and find one that suits your needs best.
  12. his sprites are just ooooone pixel misaligned vertically but otherwise this is a pretty decent joke character, not much else to say
  13. https://guykazama.neocities.org/mugen.html A.I. patches for Minoo's Gyarados and Nadagestu's Lunatone by Guy Kazama
  14. Ed seems to be a private creation by the author of that video. As for the rest, I definitely had them before. All of them were made by Mario117766 (might've typed it wrong). Also, shouldn't this go in Content Requests?