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  1. Birds.

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    2. Trinitronity


      @Noside: No. Angry Birds.

    3. Dumanios


      Your birds?! You can't say that!

    4. Trinitronity


      Hey Duman, put a spin on this!

      *flips bird*

  2. http://prntscr.com/41eosg laharl wants me to abuse his ass!
  3. If somebody has a problem with me, they need to talk to me about one on one instead of trying to call a mod every single freaking time something happens, it's really annoying to not know what the issue is, but still get bitched at for it. Man up you wimps.

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    2. Prodigal Trailblazer

      Prodigal Trailblazer

      cruto is close to crutons... i likee crutons.

    3. Winmugen11


      You take people up their butts? @ Ryon

    4. Ricepigeon


      Ah.. so Cruto and Laharl is Vyx vs Byakko Round 2 or something?

  4. this series is great dubbed. But trying to watch subbed is kinda confusing unless you actually understand that what theyre saying is being said rudely, so the subtitles really lack "character"
  5. I keep telling myself to watch it on netflix but everytime i click it, something else catches my eye. is this one of those "odd"ly humored ones like Ouran Host? Just my opinion of ouran
  6. Kawaii in the streets, Senpai in the sheets.

  7. Finally achieved the level of dirt. Go me.

    1. Pluscross


      Hey, but now things can only look up.

    2. Cruto Aerallo

      Cruto Aerallo

      Dirt can only look up, it lacks appendages to climb.

  8. I'm not a jackass, I simply say what needs to be said, when it needs to be. And I don't let people get false confidence. Deal with it.

    1. Xan


      And maybe some people 'deal with it' by calling you out as a jackass? Because I really doubt there's a need to insult people at any time or place.

  9. Do you use Blender? Cause I'm currently learning Blender.
  10. http://i.imgur.com/ILV0QzP.png Is it just me, or did the banner get updated secretly???
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    2. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      Seems like it.

    3. DartzPie


      Hmmm, I always seen that ryu and ken. And that preist looking fellow to the left

    4. MugoUrth


      Doesn't look any different to me.

  11. You're gonna mug an old lady? ELASTIC TITTY WHIP!" - me

    1. Winmugen11


      Where can I buy an elastic titty whip, good sir?

  12. I nominate my alter-ego for beta testering. Reasoning- I'm the Cruton, I can get this stuff done, and I have way too much free time, might aswell put it to use. All I do is sit at home after school and stare at manga or my psp inventing new combos for Carl. Plus you know I've got experience in fighting games so I could see what's OP and what's too weak. /nomination-end
  13. Likely going to be something along the lines of Project Diva styled, as that seems to be one of the biggest Japanese dance game-raves at the time. Westerners are more used to things like Guitar Hero and DDR.