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  1. Hey Neo(sorry idk how to tag on this site( if you even can) x.x but, i was wondering, what program do you use to make these awesome games of yours? o:
  2. Hello ^w^ mind if i ask, how you pasted the images like that, in this post? o:
  3. Hey idk what's going on but i seen SonicUltra66 post, posting a list of sprites ^-^ if you're looking for some, i have a few i found that i like to collect, but i don't know how to post images on here ? but here's a screenshot of one of the main one i would share with you http://prntscr.com/kca3cw though i forogt who the creator was :s i was in a hurry collecting them i didn't even look, hopefully most of them put it on the sprite sheet it's self (ill need to know how to send images tho, anyone help? x.x)
  4. Because "the hell" he can do "the hell" what "the hell" he wants..... "the hell" ?
  5. I'm just looking for how to change the AI of each specific mugen char. i know you can go into the data folder to the MUGEN.cfg and change it there but that changes it for all, i just wanna know where to change it inside the character's cfg file? or wherever it is
  6. Whenever i download it in the torrent, it stops at 16.3% ;-;
  7. What version of link is that, could i get a link to it? O:
  8. I fixed it the section in the character's folder the SBT.def file the pallets was messed up pal1 = SBT.Zitz.act ;Palettes (can have up to 12) pal2 = pal1 pal3 = pal3 pal4 = pal4 ------------------------------- pal# didnt have .act after it
  9. When i put add the zitz character to the Select.def file, and then go to the game to test it comes up with this when i choose the character :( ----------------------------------------------------- Error message: Can't open pal4 Error loading chars/SBT.Zitz/SBT.Zitz.def Error loading p1 ----------------------------------------------------- help pls :(
  10. No link for that Chuchoryu (CS / Hyrule Warriors) (the 4th one) Zelda D: i need her rly badly
  11. O: I want that Link char. version, where can I find him(that specific one)
  12. Ack!!D: The first link is broken ;o; https://gyazo.com/640464602a13d6b41b1badf4dfa04ddf
  13. o_o no need to be an ass about it I was only asking....sheesh -.- and, how does it not, its about MK mugen >.>