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  1. Story time: I was browsing MUGEN archive one day last Summer, it was a Wednesday (remember that) and I wanted to get a character, I go to download, and i'm not allowed too, I didn't see why? So I go into the forums to ask why, then I see it. A verbal war was going on in the "Community Weekend" section, people were getting banned, left and right, for saying just how messed up it was that it was WEDNESDAY, and people still couldn't download things. So I go type up a paragraph explaining to the staff (Dizzy mostly) why people are angry. Then this guy with a Rugal avatar jumps in behind me and talks about how he has been using MUGEN since the beginning, and was angry about how ridiculous the community "WEEKEND" was and how the site can go "fork" itself. Well, that triggered a ticking time bomb, Dizzy started acting like the victim and blamed ME for this. Then got all her buddies together and got me and Rugal banned. To this day, I have vowed to stay as far away from MUGEN Archive as possible even though its the second thing that appears when you search MUGEN. Until the website gets its mind out of the gutter, I suggest staying far away from it.
  2. hey i welcome you with open arms! i love pizza!
  3. Hello oh by the way even if my pic is of orochi troll i really dont like trolling.
  4. If only I knew how to work the story mode maker then i'll finally be able to do this
  5. Oh and yes Dethdad123 is how you spell it not Deathdad123 k? Thanks for the help. My name started as a typo and ended up becoming my flagship name on Youtube Twitter and more
  6. Hello my name is Dethdad123 as shown by my profile name im new so dont expect much. I created this profile back in May but never used it until now. MY promise is high quality characters you name the character and ill see if I can give it to you. I hope you will all enjoy my stuff as I have a ton to offer to you guys just post something and then you will have it!Cheers!
  7. My Youtube is Dethdad123 check it out.

  8. Note very op so not recommended for novice players. Link:https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=21369EE421F831F7&id=21369EE421F831F7!104&sc=documents