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  1. if still not work try a more direct link: jessicawedzic.scruffydragon.com/annie_polley.htm
  2. +18 NSFW Annie Polley for Mugen 1.0 and hot stuff.. Annie Polley for 1.0..she got more for Kuromaru,Minotaur,Slime, and Murakami Mob...with victory quotes for 1.0 download her: jessicawedzic.scruffydragon.com/
  3. +18 Jessica and Claudia for 1.0 new versions..2018 I wrote 2017 because I intended release December 31 2017.. ***all content are NSFW +18..** more Kuromaru,Minotaur,Murakami Mob and Psychoraper Vega compatible..and 1.0 only added winning quotes Jessica got a new HYPER and claudia has Sexy KO.. screenshots those hentai moves only work if the character have the required anims..like kuromaru and friends... download: http://jessicawedzic.scruffydragon.com
  4. one drawing more..many girls..and those with more anime-look were made by a friend..many sizes for tastes..
  5. Sftm Ken,Bison,Gouki and H-Killer for 1.0 I has been receiving messages and emails since some months ago...about those chars got problems and or do not run or crashes in mugen 1.0...I checked since I moved to 1.0 and then I decided to make them work properly updating for that....adding winquotes and other things.. hunter killer: link: http://jessicawedzic.scruffydragon.com
  6. yeah..and NUDE please !!! or at last compatible with kuromaru and friends...
  7. you are right...disney mugen fans needs hannah.... there are alot of sprite swaps or bad done...
  8. I am agree with people like wlanmaniax who uses the same template commit the same mistakes..I always expect he improve... I am not agree with Kazmer MK chars..Maybe they are bad because their always got his powerbar fur..they have combos like is in the game..I did not found many MK well done chars because they had a nothing from the source game juggle combos....Mk project is good... Raulix? he was the creator of Sonso!! and again tanicfan..fucking idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not think a defeatable AI makes a bad char...unless the char be cheap...like a Melty Blood char I do not remeber her name but her AI kills you with her combo..
  9. tanicfan again... King Star is bad but funny ( look for Devil Jin and Max Payne by him...)..and better than those.. googoo is weird..ax sucks...Arctarus, Pinkiepie11:http://mugen.wikia.com/wiki/PinkiePie11 she or he did a sprite swap of another crap release: SONSO!!!
  10. any thing made by tanicfan...fucking horrible "creations"
  11. S.NARA? that reminds me Spinicci or King Star who created devil jin and Max Payne...but they are..chars and not "random photos" crap... at least that was funny..because he was one who did first...