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  1. like I'm going to take the bait and feed the drama like I said I'm no longer going to do or say anything that could remotely help mffa get better my final word is mffa should be a case study for webmasters : how corrupt mods are going to destroy your site without fail mffa used to be one of my fav sites second only to mugen archive and it has become this the saddest part is the driving force of the corruption was just one guy , that pigeon is alone responsible for the downfall of mffa for dragging it into the war to help his friends at mfg and md perhaps rmh was a bit too inexperienced to see though it, curious to know if @Ryon would have let all this shit happen
  2. LMAO I was about about to post a big rant, but that would only help this site so fuck it. I voted "keep it blacklisted" because nothing is going to save MFFA at this point, everyone can tell that much. If @RobotMonkeyHædgave you the boot long ago he could have saved this site but now is too late.
  3. Admins, change nothing to ffa! I've been banned for having an opinion, that MA isn't a bad site, which is considered flamebaiting or shitposting. Great job! I was about to start a huge rant to explain what's wrong with this site but suddenly I realized : why the hell would I help this site get better, a site where the mods are so corrupt that it doesn't even hold a candle to Nazi Germany... so screw that. Admins, change nothing, your mods are doing a great job lol. I have nothing else to say or even do in this site, but I have a farewell gift nonetheless : <Mod Edit: Blacklisted link removed> That's right I am the one who contacted the admins of MA about the mediafire issue and the result far exceeded my expectations, it's in the goddam front page LOL, every single guy who visits MA front page, and you know that's a lot of people, will know about the bunch of liars and hypocrites you are, good luck explaining people you blacklisted MA because of viruses lol, apart from deep retards I'm not sure who 's gonna believe you now. That's it, enjoy my farewell gift and may the agony of virus free for all be long and painful xD -Jirobou, signing off
  4. I don't feel at liberty to say anything I want here. If I bash MA it's ok, if I defend MA, I quickly get attacked by everyone and threatened of ban by ricepigeon. I feel the same atmosphere of terror around here that made me leave the place years ago...
  5. I know he was very kind, I know he put lot of efforts in replying and I'm very grateful.... BUT my opinion is he is blind about what certain mods are up to Now please shut up and let this thread die
  6. @RobotMonkeyHæd Friend I think you're blind about your moderators and their pro-guild bias. Forum bashing? I've pointed to thread which were bashing mmv or archive, and they weren't locked, it was totally fine, Someone said double standards? Being civil? I stopped counting how many times I've been insulted Darkflare : You're a goddamn fool And I can't be bothered to look for the dozens of other occurrences, which were totally accepted by the moderators insulting a pro mmv or pro archive is totally fine, again did someone say double standards? Open your eyes, your mods here are no different from the ones on guild, there is a clear double standard : anybody anti mmv/archive can get away with anything in these drama threads, and the so called rules are used exclusively against the pro mmv/archive And your pro guild mods such as ricepigeon reproduce exactly the same bias here Whatever you were my last resort and if you're going to be blind about how your mods turns mffa into a guild lackey, then it can't be helped I have no more reason to be part of this community, I will not be involved with guild and its lackeys shame because this site is actually useful, unlike the total trash guild is Farewell, gonna change my password and mail to some random shit so I can not use this account anymore
  7. Given your desperation, I would say either you're Iced, a dumb fanboy or expecting a piece of the Guild's pie for your dedication. the difference is I don't make up threats that don't exist, I 'm not a fool being manipulated by fear mongering ops who's sole motive is destroy other sites otherwise we'll no longer be number #1 and btw mission failed cause archive wrecked guild so now get over it , cut the bull shit, is now useless
  8. ok since I can't talk about guild I'll talk about this adfly shit instead @GarchompMatt Wha..... not sure if I get it but you say you can debug virus better than professional security specialists? if yes show us how you debug the virus, if no then maybe you're like these 13yo bloggers who have not a single clue what they talk about @A person being a business is besides the point, the real point is someone gotta pay the server bill unless you're willing to pay the bill for them then learn to deal with ads @Darkflare wow just shows how much they believe mffa is their proxy war lackey
  9. @Ricepigeon This is not how virus total scan work, the scan is for the whole domain, how do I know? I have experimented with a fake url adf.ly/lhqldhqhdlqshflhlhfljsh (totally made up) result = same result as any other adfly url that means the result is for the whole domain, all pages scanned that means that no adfly page scanned ever returned a virus match THERE IS YOUR PROOF may I ask what is YOUR proof of virus, other than shitty bloggers who talk shit and don't know jack shit about what a virus really is who do you trust? some shitty bloggers or professional security specialists? @A person yeah they're greedy I agree, you sent them your pay check to pay their server fees and they still use adfly, whole new level of greed .... oh wait you didn't? and btw google is greedy, youtube is full of ads stop it, google should pay the billions $$$$ of server fees from their pocket money, otherwise it's plain greed /sarcasm mediafire = greed, no more ad on mediafire, until then let's boycott mediafire and their shitty popup ads /sarcasm @Feedmekirby no I don't say RP should be dem'd , just should leave guild bias outside mffa drama? haha guild are the real drama specialists, I am just a crappy amateur compared to them
  10. admin, please look into this mod @RobotMonkeyHæd could you please look into that @Ricepigeon he asked me question he asked me to prove guild people were fanatics, and so I show him a proof (because he asked me) And what he does? he bans me, for answering his question, you got to be kidding me And not only that, I clearly posted a proof that all of the world specialists say adfly is clean : adfly clean scan and what he says? "What security specialists? " you got to be kidding me, there is a link right here where all of the world specialists say "clean site" the whole fucking security industry, and this ricepigeon dude asks "what specialists?" what the hell is going on here In fact I think I know what's going on, this ricepigeon must be part of these guild fanatics and he could not stand that I posted a direct proof proving his sect beliefs wrong then he ends the thread asking me another question in a closed thread, only way for me to reply his question is to make another thread so he can ban me again, obvious bait please @RobotMonkeyHæd look into this mod as him to leave aside his personal guild bias in the moderation of mffa don't let him turn mffa into a guild lackey, please pretty please with sugar on top mffa should be a decent site different from that ass old guild and its community of little punks
  11. Alright you want a proof, I'll give you a proof, right ! now ! RIGHT HERE a guy got banned on the guild for pointing an adfly clean scan he got banned for, I quote : " denying the objective reality of it all " so on one hand you have all of the security specialists, the whole fucking security industry that says "adfly is clean site" on the other hand a guild mod says " you dare deny the guild truth, I'll show you " how is it fucking possible? there IS only one explanation !!! guild people are a bunch of FANATICS who got BRAINWASHED by power hungry guild ops dude, it is too late, this war is fucking over, archive won, by a landslide when all of this started guild was still the most visited site and by far, and now archive leads by 15 THOUSANDS ranks, and the gap keeps increasing by the days if you wanted to stop this stupid war you should have done something earlier, not that it would have mattered imo, some people have tried to point out how much this war was a nonsense, and guess what? they got banned, power hungry guild ops wouldn't listen and all mattered to them is "crush other sites", and now you know the result my friend, guild got totally REKT & SHREKT , in fact they just fucked themselves in their blind lust for power
  12. I wonder about that.... I've seen many threads bashing mmv or ma, not being locked like this : you may say, the thread was just informative, but so was my thread, I shared objective information about a dispute in the mugen community, for over a decade the guild was the largest mugen site, suddenly they start a war against the archive, and as a result they lost leadership by a landslide, how is it not important info that everyone should know? why it gets censored? :/ perhaps unconsciously you're being lackeys of guild, don't do that please, mffa is a decent site, while guild is an old horse that need to be put out of his misery, they used to be an okay site but they grew into a bunch of bitter old men and fanatical dictator arseholes who brainwash their users with their opinions and lies, all they care about now is power and control, they are totally corrupt scum, and their community members are the absolute worst, those darkflare & walrus guys are perfect examples of brainwashed guild punks who will immediately resort to personal insults whenever they read anything against the official guild "truth"
  13. isn't the moderation a bit biased? maybe it's just me but I noticed something when people speak ill of mmv or ma, it's perfectly fine, but if it's about guild, then topic gets locked what this strange bias around here ? =/ please tell me mffa isn't a guild lackey =/
  14. the adfly thing again lol, nice you bring that up like a good brainwashed guild child this is perfect example of guild brainwashing their users, they make something up, despite being proven wrong by online scans, guild users get brainwashed, if they dispute the official truth of guild with evidence, like online virus scan, they get banned, like in the darkest most fanatic dictatorships and this is just one example among other guild "TRUTH" -mugen 1.0 is what you must use, other mugen versions are evil -AI must not be hard, otherwise it is evil -MMV is an evil site, and their affiliate are bad people (because we're butthurt they're a better site) -MA is an evil site, and their affiliate are bad people (because we're butthurt they're a better site) etc...
  15. that's just your opinion, I made this thread to provide objective info and data about the state of an important conflict in the mugen community this is just an information thread not a drama thread