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  1. i like to rhyme, but it costs me time, thinking it out for the chime. once it's there, some will care to read aloud and feel real proud.

  2. Fairly new but it'll do! get these files and she'll fly for miles! *as she fights in mugen*
  3. it's like a fresh breeze that's here to please! so ya'll try to download these XD
  4. i did it! finally! i animated a walk!...it;s just a 4 framer..but it's something to work off of. after almost a week of failures...*yes literally 4 days*

    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Awesome Job, Wicloud!

    2. wicloud
  5. i wanted to sprite and animate today but i ended up taking a 3 hour nap...why rainy days...whhhhhyyyy

  6. spriting is fun but animating takes it to a whole new step, and im finally improving at it!

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    2. xstarter


      that sounds hard to do.are the animations done in mugen or moviemaker?

    3. wicloud


      im doing them in fighter factory

    4. xstarter


      incase you hadn't figured out ,in FF you can also save the anims as gifs

  7. hah new profile pic...i may change it to vulpix later..

  8. it's good to be back

  9. ButtoningBag680 made an AI patch for Gladiacloud's Cream the Rabbit. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dvuSO_jzeCIHowttxAgL92-aOretzSKn As mentioned here:
  10. again, clicking that link provided brings me back to this exact page.... your blog/site isn't providing the links to said characters.... for those who wanna access this blog/site highlight the link, left-click and choose go to. clicking the link doesn't work for my end so im just gonna assume it won't work for others. Jessica Smoke....please update this site if you want us to actually download your stuff from here, or use other sites like MEGA or mediafire...heck even googledrive and onedrive would do...
  11. My quest for improving my sprite work still continues...but my practicing has led to improved results!......i need to make some samples to show for it XD

  12. when a dog has kidney stones...buy diapers...it'll save you money on cleaning supplies...the dog belonged to my stepmom's best friend...good thing it left today!

  13. video to preview is gone, ya want me to post a screenshot or...nevermind it's there now, you updated... just like i updated this comment XD
  14. it's fair in my opinion, im able to slap it around with other characters, not to mention counter happy fighters can easily abuse her extended collisions. this is yet another unique character that i will keep in my collection until the end of time.
  15. a yoshi OC of mine will be getting a whole new sprite job..been a while since i got to her...i need to rethink her design XD. The old one had an accessory that didn't make sense...