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  1. This wierd character on the left, and this cheap edit on the right
  2. Awe sweet! Though now I got 2 more questions, how were you able to mirror this, and why is the filesize much smaller?
  3. Ok so in this post, near the bottom there's a URL and a password to get to the author's file system https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5804705536 the problem is, It won't let me download it without installing software, I can't find a way around this, can someone mirror this for me?
  4. Can someone mirror this? It won't let me download it without using BaiduNetdisk
  5. It looks so much like any other rugal I'm sure no one has any idea who's it is. Got a video?
  6. Stewie Gryphon Update Ideas:


    • Bug Fixes
    • More Intros Added
    • More Win Poses Added
    • VS. Intro against Peter Griffin, VS. Intro against Brian Griffin, VS. Intro against Lois Griffin, VS. Intro against Bart Simpson and Bartman, VS. Intro against Dangermouse and Count Duckula, VS. Intro against Females and VS. Intro against Eric Cartman added
    • Compatitables states added: Electric Shock, Burned, Frozen, Midnight Bliss, Fatalities compatitables, Passare, MK Slipped (AKA: Slipping), Inflated, Jailbot's Pac-man compatible, Inked, Screen Hit , Bee Stung,  Vertical spinning, T-Shirt, Hit By Chun-Li's Love Letter, Tychoon Heads, Attacked by Jin Saotome's Cyclone and MY TOE!!
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    2. IDGCaptainRussia


      Maybe if I was still working on it

      what everyone else said, if you want those, feel free to edit my character

    3. BigLuigiGuy211
    4. IDGCaptainRussia
  7. Zoners are completely fair IMO, your character have larger hitboxes. VS zoners who don't (Looking at you, Ghost Rider...)
  8. For people like me, this type of stuff often makes my day rather than break it. The second one I mean. No one, not even me likes the first one unless it's some non-serious thing or a higher pallete
  9. fair enough, While that Donald and this Blossom are, honestly some of the best characters of their type. (that being a donald edit and a PPG character), they arn't all that well known if Mukesh had gone spriteswapping something like Reu's Dragon Claw people would have taken noticed right away and shamed him for it. DOSgeek deserves that much, but I just don't approve of the way he did it. The last time I came on here whining about something (That being how RockRage gave up on me and why there won't be any more pony characters) I got alot of hate and the thread got locked, what DOSgeek is doing here isn't much different tbh. Though I will say this MUGENite has an unusually high ammount of subscribers for a MUGENite, that's a little concerning (2012 likes on a video that's not even updated the view count yet) Honestly, there's no way to fight this guy in a civil fashion, you gotta go fist-o-cuffs mono fist-o-cuffs with this. And by that, I mean bash his shit, it's perfectly called for in this case and it'd piss him off, might even get him to stop releasing characters.
  10. What's the matter DOSGeek? Still can't take a hit I guess. He's a spriteswapper, there's always been them and there always will be, they come and go just like decent MUGENites do. Now for my little (counter) rant why this thread wasn't even needed and a little needed justice, you asked for open criticism and feedback, so what I am about to say cannot count as hate: And now you've given me the means to do it, consider a returned favor for blocking me years ago because you can't take the heat of drama: You make it sound like you CAN stop him, when in reality, you can't, what'd you try doing? Blocking him? Doesn't work that way, he's outside your control, and I bet that's why your here now: Trying to create an army of supports to send his way, to try to force him in line. Pinapple Producer knows his donald is edited poorly more than enough times, but it doesn't affect him because he doesn't care, why should he? I mean sure I got a little tilted when people edited Rainbow Dash but I knew it was bound to happen at some point and let it go. Seriously thou man, grow a spine and learn the world is gonna be full of children who will do this type of shit and don't go around complaining hoping you'll gather an audience, I find it funny how your contradicting yourself, trying to defend your stuff but avoids it when it involves you, but trust me, it didn't work for me after the while WePlay innocedent, and you, still being the old DoomGuy2 I remember, will NOT work. Oh yeah and one more thing: This isn't even posted in the right part of the site, it sure as hell isn't a release. Long story short: Go outside, learn life, and learn to stop being anti-social and properly handle bad situations. (If you block me again, you've proven my point) If you REALLY wanted to stop him that badly, you could look into Legal Action, but I don't think it's possible to DMCA something that's not even license-able (because you know, Powerpuff girls is an IP you don't own the rights to, in a FREE software like MUGEN) EDIT: Depending on whether DOSGeek decides to show his face again now that I've said something, this could get messy, non-the-less, it needs to be moved somewhere else, like maybe http://mugenfreeforall.com/forum/106-mugen-lounge/
  11. I know you like to make "Big" characters, but my god that one is huge! (Also holy crap that spin attack is animated so well)
  12. even mole boxed mugen games can be decomplied, thx to the efforts of the cheapie community. ...Likely the only good thing to come from them :/ eitherway, moleboxed or not, it seems like people really wanted this, god and I feel like I've been living under a rug. Is this the project that, that SB Master Chief came from?
  13. Agreed, if this was made before Smash Ultimate I'm sure TBM would get a ton of downloads.