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  1. i rewrote the message up top so hopefully i made things more to the point this time.
  2. Desmume doesn't run gba roms and no$gba doesn't have oam viewer.
  3. I fixed it. the picture above is a example of what i mean.
  4. I don't have it on a website i was pasting from my desktop
  5. It Keeps saying you're "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community"
  6. I'm trying to get sprites for a specific character but the other opposing character on the screen is in the way, how do i edit out the opposing character when ripping the sprites for the other character. I'm using a visual boy advance to rip sprites for a gundam seed but when i try to record certain actions such as a laser cannon that goes across the screen the opposing is caught in the middle of attack to the point where it's hard to rip the laser sprite without the opposing character still being in the frame. As you can see the opposing character is being hit with the laser but what i'm trying to rip is the sprite of laser as well as the effect it creates when it hits but like i said the opposing character still caught in the middle of it, so my question of do i edit out the other character that's caught in the attack using the visual boy's settings so get i can get just the laser sprite and it effect? Oam viewer doesn't show the full sprite effect, so i can't use it.
  7. superb stage design as evident of the game it hails from.
  8. and from there i take it suppose to use photoshop or a picture editing program of some kind to get the spirits from the screenshot.
  9. now i got the picture that i wanted to appear in the work area but i still don't how to make a spirit from it, cause that commands only tell me how to move across the screen to get the picture i want not how to extract anything.
  10. Super Robot Wars alpha gaiden, i remember when i tried to rip sprites before with V-Ram but the picutre that came out looking nothing like what i was trying to rip. I was trying rip the 1 of the attacks from 1 of the mechs but it instead gave a messed up picture of the battle field map.
  11. This anime is among my most favorites if anyone wants more needless awesomeness they should read the manga as well, warning to some people though if you hate traps you might not like it.
  12. i looked up tutorials on how to rip playstation spirits but i don't know extactly what to do even with the necessary programs, the main reason why i'm going through all this trouble is because the character i want to make doesn't have spirits on any website. The programs i'm using are PSicture and PSX Vram, it seems that not to many people rip sprites this way that might be why i'm having trouble, if anyone knows how the process work it would be a great help.
  13. what's up people my name's negadrive and i'm new here to mugenfreeforall, i hope to have a great time here talking and learning about all things mugen.