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  1. Oxy, check the messages please. 

  2. Bumping this thread to see if there is any leads to what I'm looking for....
  3. I am currently looking for this version of MOTVN's Shadow Bind with the animated background: The one I have currently is static and lower res. Thanks in advance to whoever can post the version I am looking for.
  4. For my next batch of requests: Oume Goketsuji, KILL, and Kloss
  5. Requesting portraits for Constans II, Constantinus III, and Robert Garcia:
  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! :)

  7. Hey TDX, happy birthday for you! ;)


  8. Happy B-Day TDX ma'bruh. :)

  9. Happy hyped birthday my friend!

    *Gives you diamonds as a gift*