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  1. Hoping to make Falcon a secondary this time around.
  2. CHARACTERS -Added Alolan Vulpix by Alfreduzzo.
  3. To say it's underrated is an overstatement, but OK. CHARACTERS -Added Asagao by Senmu. -Updated link to Pikaman_R by Ryun.
  4. Added the Plutia palette I made for Rice's Koishi, as it was originally bundled with a voicepack that I've since deleted due to it being included in the character.
  5. Created this as a hub for whatever patches I make, since I don't bother making release threads for them outside of probably three instances. A.I. Patches Marion by MugoUrth Original Download Palettes Ramparudo by Minoo Koishi by RicePigeon Plutia Original Download Original Download Voicepacks Utsuho Reiuji by RicePigeon Heavy Weapons Guy Marisa Kirisame by RicePigeon Labrys Chen by RicePigeon Sr Pelo Original Download Original Download Original Download Portraits Life of Maid 忍忍 (Renren) Puppet Dance Performance Album Album Album Misc. Gardevoir by Ðshiznetz Palette Patch Wario Colosseum by Luneth 640x480 Patch Original Download Original Download
  6. CHARACTERS -Added Marill by Pgrs111MAGEN.
  7. CHARACTERS -Added Komala by vo-jk.
  8. Had it on my MEGA for whatever reason. Dunno if it's the latest version. https://mega.nz/#!LNt1kYoD!MvyV4PvcaAffL-4YBPzJAno2tGprDe3uJN6p0HHP21M
  9. Hah. CHARACTERS -Added Retarded Marill by Pgrs1111MAGEN. -Added Scizor by JozetPoet. -Added Lugia by S.Nara. -Added Zangoose by EarthwormJim4. -Added Retarded Emolga by Pgrs1111MAGEN. -Added Emolga by Pgrs1111MAGEN. -Added Braixen by JoeyTheMarillFan. -Added _¦ 'M ¦¦ by jor8a. STAGES -Added Guild by Penguin555. -Added Type Wild Field by Kater15. MISC. -Added Pokèmon MUGEN by mugenshock. -Added silly voice for YochiThMaster333's Marill by JoeyTheMarillFan.
  10. Whoops. I was tired, saw DJ's name and immediately thought Ditto, but the warning applies anyway because the screen flashes a lot during certain attacks.
  11. Done. Also added one to Porygon-Z. CHARACTERS -Added Marill by YochiThMaster333. -Updated Snorlax by Migo. STAGES -Added Azalea Town by Temjr. -Added Pokemon Championship by CozySquirtle. -Added Ultra Forest by Nobod. MISC. -Added additional palettes for Gladiacloud & Solarflared's Pikachu by StrikeFreedomGirl555. Still a few more things left in the queue, but I'll add them tomorrow.
  12. I didn't forget, since there's a few others I still need to add as well. The ones I added were already lined up, whereas everything else I'll have to download and make icons for.
  13. So we're starting at a better place than the last backup as all of Caesar's Pokémon are already in the collection, which is nice. So by adding the remainder of what was missing... CHARACTERS -Added Aurelia by Vulpis Girline. -Added Mimikyu by Enterku. -Fixed link to Kirlia by Meloetta Team. MISC. -Added English voice for vo-jk's Pachirisu by YochiThMaster333. ...we can finally add some new stuff. CHARACTERS -Added Pikachu by superredbird35k. -Added Teddiursa by Crowsar. -Added He Lucathicc by 6969 Thicc Incc. -Added Primal Dialga by Keizer Organa. -Added Kamitsurugi (Kartana) by Hiren. MISC. -Added shiny palette for vo-jk's Pachirisu by YochiThMaster333. -Added Super Smash Bros. 4 voice for Dylanius9000's Chespin by YochiThMaster333.