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  1. I request fatal fury first contact char. His name is lao just search on youtube for fatal fury lao and You see a movie of him also on sprite database under ngpc IT is fatal fury first contact in the link You ll fond his sorite sheet. Also a guy at mfg said IT was making him his name is goldtsk another try of this char was on mgbr site under the years 00 /
  2. Hello i request some one making lao from fatal fury first contact A movie of him is on You tube just type fatal fury lao Spritesheet is on sprite database under neo geo pocket under fatal fury first contact No one has done him before
  3. hello


     can i trust u in making a char :





    make  it because none has released



  4. hey i liked how you did andore and the rest of the ff crew - how about you make belger axl holllywood wong who two p and everybody else? it will be nice to play as belger and the gang
  5. hey no side hope you upload those stages that i asked u when u get them... i have a rare final nests stage that is long lost, but i got it http://www.esnips.co...cpgMessageBlock http://imageshack.us.../mugen001h.png