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  1. 2 stages are inside the file, the main one is shown in the video, doesn't lag for me, but in case you experience frame drop, use the one that says "scale", that one is better optimized than the one I released years ago and shouldn't produce any lag even on low end computers, it doesn't have the same effect, but still is 3D. The main comes in 850x480, to use in standard resolution change the localcoord to 640x480 and bounds to 550. The one that says scale comes in standard resolution already. DL: https://sites.google.com/site/thepuppetofthemagus/mugen/misc-stages/sf
  2. Stages from Shin Koihime updated, mainly camera related stuff & depth. I'm updating all of them, they were down for years, so will post the rest later on. They're HD 1.1 stages (1280x720), to use in standard resolution change the localcoord to 960x720 and play with the bounds (boundleft/boundright), some have it commented out. DL: https://sites.google.com/site/thepuppetofthemagus/mugen/misc-stages/shin-koihime-musou---otome-taisen-stages
  3. -850x480 (wide screen), you can download the standard resolution def file apart. -3D -Zoom DL: https://sites.google.com/site/thepuppetofthemagus/mugen/misc-stages/sf
  4. -resolution 850x480 (Wide screen) -3D -Animated: Intro + The nuke Old background, reworked for 1.1 DL: https://sites.google.com/site/thepuppetofthemagus/mugen/misc-stages/stages Warning: File size was reduced from 266 Mb to 114 Mb (uncompressed), still is a big stage because it uses the pre-rendered 3D method, but doesn't seem to give me any troubles despite this. Decided to leave most of the sprites indexed to not increase it any further, so it works without OpenGL for the most part.
  5. thx. Self-taught mostly. String for -Trip Wires-
  6. Might as well continue writing this here. Once I like the idea enough, I start sketching the animation, have several rough sketches already, though I won't detail them until I have the moves fully conceptualized (commands, chain possibilities & usefulness between them). Normals Already have several ideas for these, but still deciding on them, since she doesn't attack directly with melee and her pressure play is mid-range. Special Moves -Setting-(F,DF,D,DB,B +A or B or C), To activate (D,D + A or B or C) An idle doll is set in the field, can be destroyed, when activated does one of 3 things depending of the button pressed: a.- Does a spinning attack in the same place it was set. b.- Fires a small quick laser at enemy's direction. c.- Artful Sacrifice: Flies towards the enemy and explodes on the floor launching P2 in air, keeping the button pressed holds the attack. (1000 of power to activate this) -Barrage-(B,DB,D,DF,F + A or B or C) Rapid succession of dolls going around P1 and striking at mid-range. -Slam-(F,D,DF,F + A or B or C) A puppet grabs the enemy in mid-air and slams it against the floor. -Dummy-(D,DB,B + A or B or C) Works as a counter, P1 is hit revealing is just a dummy which explodes hurting the enemy, she then reveals herself from behind an invisibility/camouflage cloak at certain distance away (distance depends of the button pressed), being slow and poor at close melee, this helps to keep the distance as well (got the idea from the "ambush dolls" skillcard in soku and the -touhou memories of phantasm- PCB). Some slow characters use just a teleport, so it could work without the counter. Super Moves -Goliath- Goliath doll is summoned, has a time limit, can take hits but can't be destroyed, it doesn't flinch if attacked, range is huge and can be controlled to perform various actions to help in combo chains/pressure. (Haven't defined all its moves, but requires 3000 of power to summon) -Automaton: Level Titania- A large halberd-wielding armoured puppet is summoned (slightly taller than P1), it doesn't have a time limit but can take hits and damage at any time, after taking some damage it's destroyed, has limited super-armor and flinches when it breaks, it automatically attacks once it's summoned using melee only and cannot be controlled (movement speed is average and attack startup is pretty slow), but can be commanded to perform one of these 3 things: x.- Self-destruct hurting the enemy, anti-aerial. y.- Fire a high-output laser. z.- Do a fast combo while charging at the enemy. The doll is left unusable after performing any of them. (Requires 2000 of power to summon, and 1000 to do the rush combo, shoot the laser or make it self-destruct) Goliath and Titania can't be at the same time in the field. -Dolls of War- (Still Deciding, but requires 3000 of power) -Trip Wires- A series of strings are scattered across the stage for a certain amount of time that hurt the enemy if touched and produce a small stun, damage is very minimal, but restricts P2's movements & P1 can move during this. (Requires 2000 of power) -Hourai- P1 fires a high-output laser, range is infinite. (Requires 1000 of power) The Last Word Finishing moves that trigger when certain criteria is met & override -Dolls of War-, which would be the strongest super on hit (still deciding this). -Grimoire「Necronomica Fantasy」- Cinematic. -「The Phantom of the Grand Guignol」- Cinematic. BG update.
  7. As a general description, she's supposed to be a slow character and weak at close combat, so she will rely in a series of mid-long range attacks to control the field in a fashion similar (but not the same) to UNIEL Hilda.
  8. Still not convinced completely, may draw a few more.
  9. Vs Boss Black Battler