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  1. i managed to fix the problem thanks a tone anyways ^-^
  2. hey guys so i ran into a problem that never happen to me and yea i dont really want to mess something up so i need a little here if possible so im adding sprites to SFF and then i go to animate the move i want and what happens is that the animation keeps looping(in-game) and doesnt stop and like i said this never happen to me so i really dont know how to deal with it heres a video of the problem im talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4bgAhwjLz4
  3. thanks alot guys im glad you guys like it and thanks for all the support this makes me feel like doing more stuff lol
  4. thanks , i didnt know where to put it im sorry lol its my 1st release here i believe not sure though
  5. Well guys finally this project is finished lol and well i guess i have some "bad" news in a sense is that i kept the Main Menu the same and i did not change how the sprites look so yea thats pretty much the down side of it but other than that its pretty much the same and how you guys saw i finished the other color theme ones too so you have the opinion to pick the Red ,Blue or Green one ;D anyways enough of talk i guess if any question you guys can just post something hehe Green Version Screenshot: Blue Version Screenshot: Red Version Screenshot:
  6. well guys i finally have an update lol i havent posted anything because ive been having problems with the select screen so what i did and needed to do was redesign the select screen but since i said i wanted to have that injustice look i tried my best to make it and in the end i manage to redesign it and its working perfectly but its a big change from what i showed you guys il show you guys a preview but keep in mind that im still positioning alot of stuff so yea thats why you wont see backgrounds so im sorry about that Preview: tell me what you guys think so far i know its a bit early since i dont have alot of stuff in it but i thought you guys should know how this is going so yea thx for reading -DV
  7. im going to do 2 versions of it , since its similar to injustice the custom version might have between 32 or 40 but the normal version it might go with near 100 or so depends heres is the prototype of the custom version , im still working on it so some stuff inst center and the font i used is just randomly picked
  8. Well Guys im glad to say that i finished the animations of the video in the screenpack , but at the same time im sad that it ended up being a really big file its 500 mb , il try compressing it to be smaller later but a good thing is that the Select Screen sprites are all ready in side the sff so its just the coding i made this video to show how the video looks like its a 1min animation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tlg7dg2i2SI
  9. yeap its 720 i like doing Hi-res stuff haha
  10. oh , then nope im not the one you are thinking lol
  11. well that depends i have like 3 accounts there xD
  12. Hey guys whats up im here to present a new screenpack im working on its still in the early stages but i want this one to be way more better then my TF2 one since im putting more work into it. well guys i have been working on screenpack with new ideas so far i have mix reactions to it so i wish you guys could help me out here xP this is how it looks so far: where you can see Dante its pretty much a video im putting in but heres the thing i dont know if i should keep doing this type of Main Menu i was thinking it maybe a bit too much you know but i dont know so if you guys can tell me what you think thx btw i copied this from my actual post in Mugen Guild : http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/project-final-wars-157930.0.html