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  2. "We don't. I've never heard of him until now. The only other one I knew that used the same fighting style was Darkflare. I believe he reacted to my dark aura as it may be similar to a dark aura he himself possesses as well."
  3. Now that we're back, I can finally ask. Who's the prankster that keeps adding unrelated videos to the Mugen video playlist?



    Because you're not funny.

  4. "In short terms, it's just another method for someone to get their thrills." She turned toward the screen looking at the fight again. "You're the type that hates mindless violence, right? I understand...in truth we could always have more people with that mentality. However, don't see it as just mindless violence. It's hard to explain without experiencing it first hand. They say that when two strong fighters clash, the way they move and attack is also the way they speak with each other."
  5. "It's useful enough to throw off any pursuers. But aren't you on a trip? Seems strange you would change your look when you're supposed to be on vacation and honestly, I don't believe the people of this world would be put off with how you look."
  6. "I do. You can see it in their movements. Hyde's movements are aggressive focusing on offense. His plan was to apply pressure to his opponent and force them to make a mistake. He's thinking on the fly and while that's not a bad thing, it doesn't seem like he knows an alternative approach. As for his opponent, his movements are calm and refined. It's clear that he had years of experience. It won't be easy to put him in a spot where he will have trouble." She turned to look at Lucent becoming surprised at the different appearance. "The aura is the same, but the look is drastically different. Are you even the same person?"