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  1. Golden Sun 1,2 and Dark Dawn characters ( In HiRes SVC-style sprites and SNK-style gameplay) Vivio Takamachi, Fuka Reventon and Rinne Berlinetta (ViVid Strike!: also in HiRes SVC-style sprites and SNK-style gameplay) Sabin Rene Figaro (FFVI: this time in HiRes SNK-style sprites, the gameplay style is either SVC-style or KOF-style or KOFM-style or KOFA-style and his signature attack "PHANTOM RUSH" will be EXCEED ala SVC Chaos)
  2. Question is this video was before or after Yui Koike was confirmed to be a Super Sentai?
  3. I searching for Schlussel then I found this one in video I looking this character but none are found.Anyways is anyone chance to share this character like in the video?
  4. Hellooooeeee everyone long time no chat I'm looking this character with the AI patch just like in the video at the right side is Mr.Karate -G and If your have this character with AI patched please share it thank you in advance.
  5. @PlasmoidThunder I thought my last 2 requests was not loop but it does thank you so much matee, anyways as I said be4 if my 2 requests doesn't loop I'll replace a different new one or both. and this one matee....
  6. BTS (방탄소년단) - Blood Sweat & Tears (피 땀 눈물)
  7. I replace a different one and hopefully it does loop and thank you matee in advance.