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  1. CronoXic

    Love Live!

    YESSS!!!! we need these!!!!! thank you @Falco sama
  2. Does anyone know how to make template palette?? because my friend @CaptainVulcan is releasing the character Eri Hasumi that he edits his own style
  3. YAY!!!!!! I love you Sennou and you @gui0007 too for posting it :3
  4. YAY!!!!!! I love you Sennou and you @gui0007 too for posting it :3
  5. I tried to coded a few things about a character I was about to edit Mai but the lifebar is good but it is not changing color like for example this Sakura she has Pallete lifebar http://imgur.com/sHiobtL
  6. I miss this Thank you so much all of your hard work :3 Thank you for making my day good!!

  7. CronoXic


    They were doing it in the future :)
  8. WOW!!!! soo goood!!! teach me tho
  9. I followed this video I tried to code mai by divinewolf I was trying to make like pallete selector and mugen 1.0 plus because I was using dizzy's screenpack the Hatsune miku project extend I was using the 850 res I know all infinites pallete have that pallete selector fvar and remapal I believe that they're called and I want to get better making pallete selector to other character is there any way to code??? I really need your help thank you