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  1. Penelope gasped. ' Penelope: (Whoa...he actually got one!) It must've been her cheering. She had to keep it going now; with the knowledge that cheering someone on actually did power them up, it only motivated her to intensify her cheering. Penelope: Yah, yah, you can do it! Gooooo Hyde! Hit him with all ya got, and keep him on the ropes! Then you get him, and you win! You just gotta keep up the pressure and watch out for the flashy thingy! She felt like she was getting a lot better with this battle observing thing. Maybe she could be an announcer one day!
  2. Penelope observed the fight going on in the arena eagerly. The aura of the guy Hyde was facing was pretty creepy, and Hyde's attacks having no effect made it look like the guy was playing with him like he was a toy. It was actually really hard to watch. He probably wasn't going to last very long at this rate, so it was time to act! Penelope: (Yeesh, it's like he's fighting a moving wall!) Penelope: Go, Hyde! You can do it! Take it slooooow! Take it sloooooooow! I...I think that's what you do!
  3. A very accurate conversion to MUGEN! Fun to play, controls are accurate, and she has all of her moves. The hard part is trying to chain them together in order to get the damage you need! The addition of a guard cancel is really helpful, though, since it feels like she's often put on the defensive due to a lack of versatility, but Teleport does help with getting her out of a bad situation. Another job well done, Valgallah!
  4. Penelope sighed after Anwalt had his last knockdown, with all of her anticipation for a comeback draining away in an instant. The guy fought hard, but not even her cheering saved him. Hopefully he wouldn't take the loss too hard. Penelope: (Poor guy...hopefully his bro didn't see that!) Despite his loss, though, they both did great to her. The best thing to do now was the congratulate them. They looked like they'd both need some cheering on in order to keep going, especially Raina; who knew what could've possibly waited for her after this! Maybe she'd get a super cool rival that'd challenge her or something! Penelope: Woo-hoo, you both did really good in that fight! It was so awesome seeing all of that light stuff Raina did, and that one thing where you tore out a chunk of the floor, Anwalt! I wanna learn that stuff, too!
  5. Oh geez, this is some list...but I know who to choose! It's always nice to have more obscure games represented in MUGEN, so using that as a motivation, the choice was easy.
  6. In Valgallah's poll for who the next character should be, might I suggest voting for Laozi? There are no RinGo characters in MUGEN as far as I know, so she would be one of the first!

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      I want Black. Favorite character in FK.

    2. A person

      A person

      Bah, a fair argument...

  7. Now you even managed to get RinGo's sprites? Way to go! Definitely adding this one to my list!
  8. So I guess BBCTB doesn't have the "every ending is canon" thing apply to it as there is, in fact, one true ending in the game.I wonder what makes this game different...

  9. As Penelope watched Anwalt find his victory in jeopardy, she couldn't help but wonder if the result would've been far different had Lucent stayed and watched. After all, she usually did better whenever someone close to her was watching her, mostly because she wanted to make sure she didn't wind up embarrassing herself in front of them. Maybe that motivation is what he would need! Too bad she couldn't provide it...then again, it would be pre-tty embarrassing if he lost in front of such a huge crowd...maybe this is why Lucent decided to walk off. Maybe he was going to take it a step further and act like he didn't even know him after this...yeesh! Imagining what could possibly happen if he lost this one, she decided to do what she thought was best. Penelope: Ehh...umm... Penelope: ...gooooo Anwalt! You can do it, you can win! You've got this one, dude! You just gotta...umm...focus! Yeah, that's it, focus! (Sorry, Raina, but I think the guy needs it!)
  10. Needless to say, Penelope was fully entranced battle. It was clear that she actually was getting somewhere with this "observing" thing, but it was very obvious that she wasn't going to be spraying bullet thingys in all directions, throwing boulders at people, and taking shots like they're little pebbles. This was like seeing a real-life super hero comic to her! Anwalt's statement did manage to break her out of her trance, more so out of the shock of someone not wanting to watch the whole thing go down rather than fully take in the slau- show in its entirety. Penelope: Whaaaa? You don't wanna watch your big bro get his a- I-I-I mean, watch him fight to the end? This looks like it's getting pretty intense!
  11. Penelope: Hmm... It was pretty obvious that she couldn't do any of this stuff. Even if she really wanted to. But it also seemed pretty obvious as to who was superior in this fight. To her, at least. She rubbed her chin and squinted her eyes, studying them a bit closer before giving her answer. Penelope: Nowhere! Penelope: But why's that Raina girl not just, y'know, spraying those light thingys all over the place? I think she could win easily! Is she...umm, what's it called...ah, that's right! Is she "holding back"? Y'know, like this isn't her true form or...something?
  12. Penelope's breath was taken away from the view at the top of the arena, the sheer number of people that were already present being enough to revive the embers of excitement already within her. Penelope: Woooow...this place... Penelope: ...IS TOTALLY AWESOME! Immediately looking for a place to sit at, she was soon directed to the seats Lucent pointed out. Penelope: What are you waiting for? Let's gooooo! She immediately grabbed Lucent's left hand with her right hand, and began to pull him towards the seats. She was clearly very eager to get into the arena and watch the fights go down, despite never having even gotten into a scuffle with a sibling before.
  13. I knew about the notes, but I didn't know they actually had some of the assets available on the wiki. That's pretty nice of them.
  14. The doors leading out into the arena made Penelope think that there were actually multiple arenas. How did people get to watch all of the fights, then?! Penelope: Uh oh...I guess there's more than just one arena here...umm...hopefully we get lucky with the one we pick! Making things easier for herself, she proceeded to choose the first door and opened it up.
  15. Looks like it's your turn. Happy birthday, old geezer! 

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