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  1. Zolagun's Captain Commando https://www.sendspace.com/file/q29hq2
  2. Just for everyone to know, the onedrive account has been re-frozen, and I cannot access the files again. For anyone who wishes to take upon the job, they can start replacing download links to the stages.
  3. Thanks for posting your trouble with downloading the stages. As it turns out, the Onedrive account I had hosting the downloads was frozen, because I am over the free 5GB quota and they finally decided to reprimand me for it. At the time when I uploaded the entirety of the collection, free users were given around 15GBs, but then about a year ago or so they reduced it to 5GBs.Today, I was able to unfreeze the account and the files will be available for download for another 30 days. On 07/28/2017, Microsoft will delete my Onedrive files, and in turn I may have to delete this collection topic, unless another user wishes to upload the entirety of the collection on their own storage and edit my topic by replacing the download links for each stage. If anyone wants to get a jump start and begin replacing the links let me know, so we can save all the hard work that was put into making this collection available for everyone, but more importantly to help preserve the largest collection of stages from Mugen's #1 stage creator of all time.
  4. Best of luck with the news reporting.Its important to pace yourself and avoid burning yourself out.
  5. Thank you Ryon for putting in the time and effort to get the site back online, even while no longer having any accountability for MFFA.  

  6. Chars 2 and 7: https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/cB%2FDOoJRfX5uuaeOeGLJYQ
  7. Heres on of my personal favorite Kfms, based on Shuzo Matsuoka. Shuzo Man by BT-1000 Btw "Unknown Creator (KFM X)" is by Wing Syo
  8. The simple answer to the question is because I'm not 100% certain of the release date and file modified dates have proven to be unreliable. Something I noticed which was very common when putting together the collection is that some of the .def and .sff of certain stages did not match their release/update dates. I can understand .def in case people want to change music, but I don't understand why some .sffs had different dates. In fact I went looking for stages I already had to see if I could find some with the original .sff dates, some of which I could not accomplish. One example is the Final Destination stage GarchompMatt provided me above. If I'm not mistaken, the sprites used for that version of the stage were only released in 2008, yet clearly that archive has it as 2010. Also, thank you so much for providing me with the Basement stage and pointing out that the Colony Remix stage was in Navana's mediafire. I was pretty loose-handed when it came to the GG stages simply because of how many times ExShadow updated/re-released them.
  9. Great collection man, heres the old version of strider Hakutyo; https://www.sendspace.com/file/h1ttf0 Also, NGeo's Nekkyou no Hiryu can be found here; http://network.mugenguild.com/NG3o/#work
  10. Thank you so much for the Magneto stage! Also I already have the colony stage, its listed as the first stage under the "-UNKNOWN RELEASE/UPDATE YEARS-" section.
  11. You actually pointed out 2 big inconsistencies. I only bundled the versions with similar sprites, that mute city should not have been bundled with the hi-res variants. I also had that final destination in my database, but didn't remember to upload it for some reason. Thanks so much man. I know some people are going to be bummed that I removed the bgms from every upload, but aside from saving space, I did it to preserve the files in the long run so that they don't somehow get taken down for having copyrighted mp3s in them.
  12. Some updates; - I have finally finished uploaded all the stages I have from my one drive onto the collection topic. - Provided a direct link to my Onedrive, so if someone wishes to, they can download the entire 6.55gb collection in one shot. - Provided a list of missing stages with reference links. Whats left to do. - Organize the stages by either alphabetical order or by date of release. - Add Mugen version compatibility description to each stage.
  13. If you haven't checked it out already, what are you waiting for!?



  14. You should check out Ryon's stage tutorial video. It's a long video, but it essentially taught me step by step how to put together stages with no prior knowledge.